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Canon 120-megapixel CMOS Sensor Displayed at CP+ 2015

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Canon has unveiled a prototype of a 120-megapixel CMOS sensor at CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2015.

The Canon 120MP CMOS sensor first started to talked back in 2010. According to Canon, this sensor has a pixel count equivalent to the number of photoreceptors cells in the human eye. Canon is considering this sensor technology for use in video production, monitoring, avation and space application.

Canon is showing off a 120mp CMOS sensor this week at CP+ 2015. The Canon 120-megapixel CMOS sensor said to capture videos at 60x times full HD resolution.

Canon Shows off 120mp CMOS Sensor at CP+ 2015


From DPReview

The frame rate of read-out for this ultra high-resolution is 9.5fps, and is made possible by reading multiple pixels simultaneously at high speeds – a process Canon is calling ‘parallel signal processing’. The 120 million pixels – of 2.2 µm pixel pitch – are contained on a sensor 29.2mm x 20.2mm in size, yielding pixel dimensions of 13280×9184.


via: dpreview

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