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Nikon Capture NX-D Version 1.1.0 Released

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Nikon released the new version update for the RAW image processing software Capture NX-D. The version 1.1.0 update for Capture NX-D is available for download through the links below.

Capture NX-D is an application for processing and adjusting raw image files generated by Nikon digital cameras and replaces the current Capture NX 2 software.

You can see the list of modifications enabled in this version below.

Nikon Capture NX-D Version 1.1.0 Software Update


Modifications that apply to both the Windows and Macintosh versions

  • Support for the D5500, COOLPIX L31 (not released in Japan), COOLPIX L32, COOLPIX S3700, and COOLPIX S2900 (not released in Japan) has been added.
  • When Capture NX-D is used to edit files that were once edited with Capture NX 2, additional adjustment of editing performed with Capture NX 2 is now possible.
    – However, only items in the Develop section of the Capture NX 2 Edit List can be adjusted with Capture NX-D. In addition, images that have been edited using Color Efex Pro may be edited after settings are reverted to their original values.
  • A PF Flare Control item has been added to the Camera and Lens Corrections palette.
    – This item can be used to reduce flare (ring flare, circular flare, etc.) caused by bright light sources in images captured with compatible lenses.
  • A Revert to Last Saved State option has been added to the Adjust menu.
    – This option resets adjustments applied with Capture NX-D.
  • A Launch Camera Control Pro 2 option has been added to the Tool menu.
  • The following issues have been resolved.
    – When images to which Distortion Control has been applied are opened, edges were fringed with color.
    – When Noise Reduction was applied, the application would quit unexpectedly.
    – When a RAW image captured with a camera that does not support the Picture Control system (D2XS, D2X、D2HS, D2H, D1X, D1H, D1, D200, D100, D90, D80, D70S, D70, D60, D40X, D40) was displayed, the icon indicating that the image had been edited was displayed, even if the image had not actually been edited.
    – When Quick Adjust was applied to RAW images captured at a Picture Control setting of Neutral, Flat, or Monochrome, and for which Recorded Value was selected in the Picture Control palette, the Quick Adjust value reverted back to “0.00” when the images were again displayed in Capture NX-D after the application was once closed and then launched again.
    – A Noise Reduction setting of Better Quality 2013 could be selected for JPEG and TIFF images.

Additional modifications to the Windows version

  • The following issues have been resolved.
    – Multiple images in the My Pictures folder could not be selected to copy or move under Windows 7 or an earlier operating system.
    – When files were saved with different file names using the Convert Files function, the new file names were not accurately reflected.

Additional modifications to the Macintosh version

  • Support for OS X version 10.10.1 has neen added.
  • OS X version 10.7.5 is no longer supported.

Here are the download links:

  • Nikon EU
  • Nikon USA

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