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Sony A99II Will Not Feature Revolutionary Specs

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Sony is working on a new A99II A-mount camera which will replace the A99. The upcoming flagship full-frame camera will not be a revolution, instead being an evolution of the current model.

According to sources in matter, Sony A99 replacement is coming in 2015 and will not be a revolution when compared to predecessor. This means the A99 II will replace the A99, but the specs list will not include Z-shift or “Foveon” alike sensor which are game-changing features for this lineup.  This is why the flagship A-mount shooter will be named as the Sony A99II.

The camera is still in prototype stage and will not introduced along the new high-end A9 full-frame E-mount mirrorless camera in February.

Sony A99II is in development and may Arrive in the second half of 2015


Sony A99II A-mount camera is rumored to feature the 36-megapixel image sensor and will come packed with the fastest autofocus of the world.

As previously mentioned, the A99 II will use the same 36MP image sensor used on the Sony A7r full frame mirrorless camera. Currently Sony A6000 has the fastest AF in the world as claimed by Sony. The A99II is also said to have the world’s fastest AF speed and it is said to be faster than Sony A6000.

For Sony, it looks like the E-mount is priority but the company also working on a A99II A-mount camera. In this situation when we consider the Sony A9 probability in early 2015, the announcement date for the Sony A99II should be in the second half of 2015.

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