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Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015 Open For Entries

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Nikon has announced that the 35th annual Photo Contest is now open for entries.

Nikon Europe is calling on aspirational photographers to once again share their passion and enter their work in the 35th annual Nikon Photo Contest. For the first time, all award categories in photography and video will accept entries from any digital device, including smart devices. Entries this year will be open to professional and amateur photographers of all backgrounds until December 15th 2014.

Held annually since 1969, the prestigious Nikon Photo Contest (NPC) provides photographers with the opportunity to communicate and enrich global photographic culture for professionals and amateurs alike. Last year’s contest saw a record 99,339 entries from 153 countries around the world, and showcased everything from evocative landscapes to quirky portraiture.

Nikon Photo Contest 2014-2015 Open For Entries


Four new challenges have been added to the 2014-2015 contest:

  • A new additional ‘Home’ theme has been introduced across all photography and video categories, open to the unique interpretation of each entrant depending on their personal understanding of the concept of ‘Home’.
  • Entries captured by any digital imaging device (including smart devices and camcorders) will now be accepted in each photography and video category.
  • Video entries between 6-180 seconds long will now be accepted in the video categories, in recognition of the hugely expressive and creative entries in this area.
  • A new ‘Generation N’ Award will be presented to 10 chosen entrants aged 19 and under across all categories.

First place winners in each themed category will receive a trophy, certificate and Nikon products. For details of prizes for all categories, please visit the Nikon Photo Contest website. Winners will be announced in June 2015, with an exhibition of the winning entries to follow.

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