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Canon Professional Network Publishes DPP 4.0 Preview

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Canon has launched Digital Photo Professional (DPP) 4.0, the first sweeping overhaul of Canon’s RAW processing software since its launch.

The latest version of DPP – available for download at the end of June – has been updated with a raft of key changes to satisfy the most demanding of digital photographers.You can download the software now from Canon’s Australia website.

Canon software engineers – having the unique advantage of being able to directly harness the power of the Canon sensors, DIGIC processors and lenses – have made the all-new Digital Photo Professional 4.0 a much faster, more dynamic, linear and feature-packed image editing software solution, thanks to the ability to fully utilise 64-bit architecture. The latest version of DPP has been designed and developed from the ground up, tailored to the workflows of professional and high-end amateurs to help them realise the key EOS System concepts of speed, ease of use and high image quality.

Canon Professional Network Publishes DPP 4.0 Preview


New, improved Canon algorithms have been optimised to make the most of the wealth of information delivered by the camera sensors, while productivity has been increased thanks to improved speed of RAW image display and developing that makes real-time image adjustment a reality.


  •     Faster, real-time adjustments.
  •     Improved RAW file workflow.
  •     Better, more approachable user interfaces.
  •     Compatible with 64-bit native environments.
  •     Colour adjustments for specific colour gamuts.
  •     Improved highlight recovery provides expanded tonality.
  •     Improved shadow recovery function.
  •     Support for movie playback.
  •     Auto Lighting Optimizer can be applied to JPEG images.
  •     Better integration with EOS Utility.

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