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No Sony A7000 Mirrorless Camera Coming in 2014

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Sony has announced the A6000 mirrorless camera a few days and the specs list shows that almost all rumors leaked were true about the shooter.

It was told that Sony A6000 will replace both the NEX-6 and NEX-7 and after the official announcement of the Sony A6000, some websites are reporting that this does not mean a NEX-7 replacement. Because of the camera design is very much like the NEX-6.

So the rumor mill has started to talk again about a NEX-7 successor camera which is previously rumored as Sony A7000 mirrorless camera. They say the A6000 is not a true replacement for the NEX-7 and there could still be a Sony A7000 flagship APS-C E-mount camera on its way.

No Sony A7000 Mirrorless Camera Coming in 2014


According to trusted sources as SAR posted; there may be a new A7000 APS-C model in the future. There will be no A7000 APS-C E-mount camera will be released in 2014. Instead; for 2014, Sony will focus on FE cameras and  lenses.

Sony rumored to announce new full frame E-mount cameras and lenses this spring probably before the NAB 2014 show.

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