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Adobe Lightroom for iPad Coming Soon

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Adobe accidentally leaked Lightroom for iPad before the official announcement. Adobe is planning to release a mobile version of its Lightroom Raw editing program for iOS or Android.

Adobe Lightroom for Mobile app will cost $99.00 for for an annual cloud subscription license. According to an Adobe employee, the software will have a lot of the same features currently in Lightroom for desktop. There may be other purchase options when it officially launches.

Adobe Lightroom for iPad Coming Soon


Adobe’s tagline for the product is “Take Lightroom anywhere,” but we were unable to locate screenshots of the application on Adobe’s website. The website also does not specifically note iPad support, but a chat representative from Adobe was able to pull up details about Lightroom for Mobile from Adobe’s systems and said that it is built for iPad. The representative further indicated that the mobile version would largely lineup with the desktop version in terms of features…

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