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Sony A7r Test with Leica M lenses

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After the announcement of the Sony A7r full frame mirrorless camera, we have covered many good reviews from experts and photography sites. They all have said that Sony A7r is a wonderful camera and some of them has already chosen the Sony A7r as the camera of the year 2013.

Another full review for A7r comes from Luminous Landscape. They put a title “The World’s Best Sensor Meets the World’s Finest Lenses” and test the Sony A7r with several Leica M lenses. See below for the conclusion.

Sony A7r Test with Leica M lenses


From the Luminous Landscape conclusion :

As you no doubt have heard and read elsewhere the Sony A7r is a pretty terrific camera. It’s Achilles Heel at the moment is the lack of native full frame FE lenses. I would not suggest that anyone rush out to full the void with Leica M lenses. They are fantastic, but expensive, and many even hard to get. You also give up auto-exposure and auto-focus.

But if you own some Leica M or third party M mount lenses, and have an eye on Sony’s latest uber-camera, then I think that you’ll find they make a remarkable combination, so long as with wide angle lenses, at least, you’re willing to make an effort to get the most from them.

Sony A7 and A7r Price and Availability

Sony A7r is the world’s smallest, lightweight interchangeable lens camera system with a full frame sensor. See also Sony A7 and A7r unboxing video online.

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