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Olympus 15mm f/2.0 Lens Patent

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Egami has spotted a new Olympus lens patent. The new patent describes the Olympus 15mm f/2.0 Lens. This is a pancake lens and it is below the 17mm usual focal length.

Below are the translated text from Google showing the details of the Olympus 15mm f/2.0 lens patent.


Olympus 15mm f/2.0 Lens Patent Details

Description and self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2013-130669
    • Publication date 2013.7.4
    • Filing date 2012.12.21
  • Example
    Example Focal length Fno. Angle of view BF Total length Lens constitution Aspheric surface
    One 16.02 1.72 72.98 16.20 59.18 7 group nine Two 4 surface
    Two 16.00 1.72 73.16 15.06 59.18 10 pieces of eight groups Three six-sided

    Image height is 10.82mm

  • Olympus patents
    • 4-unit construction of positive and negative positive negative
    • Inner focus (the third lens group)
    • Designed to increase the focus back

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