Sony NEX-FF Camera Coming With Three New Zeiss Lenses

Sony NEX full frame mirrorless camera now rumored to come with three new Zeiss lenses. Previously expectation for the NEX-FF system was two new Zeiss lenses and the first NEX-FF lens will be the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 prime lens.

According to trusted sources, Sony and Zeiss worked much closer than expected on the upcoming new NEX-FF system. There would be two more Zeiss lenses coming along with the Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 FF E-mount lens. Also there would be a Sony branded G zoom lens too.

Sony NEX-FF camera is rumored to be bigger and heavier than the NEX-7 camera. The new NEX full frame camera is only 15% bigger and 20% heavier than the current NEX-7. Also the design of NEX-FF will be very similar to NEX-7.


Sony NEX-FF Camera Coming With Three New Zeiss Lenses

Sony has developed 24MP, 32MP, 36MP new full frame sensors for the upcoming Sony cameras. One of them will be on the NEX-FF camera. Sony will probably use 32MP sensor on Sony NEX-FF camera.

Sony NEX-FF camera announcement expected to be in September. Recent rumors show that the first NEX full frame camera announcement will be in September 24 and the availability of the NEX-FF rumored to be in October.