Kodak PixPro AZ361 Bridge Camera Announced

Kodak’s first 36x long-zoom digital bridge camera, the new Kodak PixPro AZ361 bridge camera released on April 6th. Kodak PixPro ASTRO ZOOM AZ361 is a 36X zoom bridge camera. The new Kodak PixPro AZ361 has a price tag of $299 MSRP.

kodak pixpro az361

PIXPRO is a new line of KODAK Digital Cameras, offered by JK Imaging under a licensing agreement with Kodak. JK Imaging is launching the Astro Zoom AZ361 bridge camera, which is the first sneak peek into the KODAK PIXPRO Digital Camera Line, as their answer to heightened consumer demand in one of the fastest growing digital camera segments in the US market.

This launch is only the first of many new cutting-edge products on the horizon from JK Imaging, whose expertise is focused on providing high quality, long zoom lenses at attractive prices for today’s consumers.

kodak pixpro az361

Kodak PixPro AZ361 Features

Discover the new KODAK PIXPRO collection of digital cameras and discover a world of creativity at your fingertips. The AZ361 is one long zoom camera that captures life’s moments big or small. Powerful features and an intuitive design set this camera apart. KODAK PIXPRO AZ361 has everything you need to take photos to the next level–right from the first time you use it. The 36x optical zoom gets you nice and close, and the super-wide angle 24mm lens gets you more out of every shot. All while the 16MP CCD sensor provides the pixels you need for big, beautiful, frameable photos.

Kodak PixPro AZ361 Specs

  • 36x Optical Zoom
  • 24-864mm
  • 16MP CCD Sensor
  • 3″ 460K LCD
  • 720p
  • OIS
  • Li-ion
  • 112.7 x 81.6 x 76.7mm

  • Jennifer Smith

    No comment yet! Just purchased it on day one…need to receive it first!

    • Jennifer Smith

      Unfortunately, I had to send mine back the day I received it! The delivery company failed to get it to me without dropping/crushing the box it was in!

  • Ronald Verdoliva

    Got it yesterday,only expermented with it a little,the only negitive comment is it does not have a view finderand find it difficult to focus it on long dist shot,s.

    • Gary Sizemore

      When I zoom all the way out in Digital Zoom the shots are moving all over the place, I sent it back for service, the Tech told me there is nothing wrong with the camera try to use a tripod. So they are sending my camera back today. Just don’t try to shoot in Digital Mode I guess!

  • Richard S

    I agree with Ronald Verdoliva. I was disappointed to find it has no viewfinder. A small upgrade like that at manufacture would vastly improve the ability to take photos of birds flying, other moving and distant objects, and other objects in general in bright sunlight. So far (I’ve only had it 24 hours) I like it. This is my third similar camera from Kodak (other two had viewfinders).

  • Bob Keel

    I have to agree with Ron and Richard on the view finder, as far as the rest goes the auto focus is slow so its not a good camera for sports or fast moving shots and yes I do know how to change settings, It works well for regular shots such as People and scenic shots. the zoom is great not much purple ghosting going on, The Video is OK

  • Jennifer

    Is there a website or local retailer to purchase this camera at? I am in IL and having a hard time finding this model let alone any other Kodak camera. Thanks in advance for the help.

    • Jennifer Smith

      Unfortunately, they had a deal with hsn for that viewing, and they sold out quickly! You might look on kodaks website and see if they might still have one for sale! Good luck!

  • Gary Sizemore

    I got my Blue Kodak az 361 on HSN Like the Camera very well, the only thing is when you extend it out all the way in Digital Zoom it is very hard to focus, image is bouncing all over the place, sent it back for service, Tech told me it was working properly? Does any one else have this problem?