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Fujifilm X10 vs X20 : List of all 51 improvements

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Fujifilm UK published a list of improvements as a comparison of Fujifilm X10 vs X20 cameras. Compared to the previous X10, the new X20 has 51 improvements according to Fuji UK. Fujifilm X20 were announced by Fujifilm at CES 2013 show and refreshed X10 model dijital compact camera.

fujifilm x10 vs x20

Fujifilm X10 vs X20 : List of all 51 improvements

1. 2/3-inch X-Trans CMOS II sensor without optical low pass filters improves resolution to as much as a 4/3″ sensor.
2. S/N ratio improved to level similar to Full frame sensors.
3. Phase detection AF allows for AF speeds as low as 0.04secs (compared to X10 0.16secs).
4. 1080p HD video @ 60fps (X10 1080p HD video @ 30fps).
5. Phase detection Autofocus also works during movie recording.
6. Face detection works during movie recording.
7. In movie recording, moiré and false colour are minimised (as in still image shooting)
8. Start up time of 0.9secs (1.5secs previously)
9. 12fps continuous shooting at max resolution (compared to 7fps previously)
10. 0.5secs shooting interval (1.1secs previously)
11. Fujifilm X10 vs X20, stores 14-bit RAW files
12. EXR Processor II allows for “Lens Modulation Optimiser” to overcome
the limits of optics. (diffraction phenomenon or peripheral aberration)
13. EXR Precessor II allows for great Noise Reduction at high-ISO
14. Advanced Optical Viewfinder allows for the following information to be displayed as an overlay on the optical viewfinder:
Focus indicator
Exposure Compensation
Shutter Speed + Aperture Value
ISO Setting + Shooting Mode
Flash/Self Timer icons
Focus Area
Parallax Caution
AF Error, Blur Caution
15. Eye sensor to change between LCD/OVF automatically
16. Two new Film Simulation modes – Pro Neg.Std and Pro Neg. Hi
17. X20 has ‘F-simulation bracketing’ function, one shot can produce 3
different Film simulation images which can be pre-set.
18. ‘Advanced filter’ mode has installed as standard
19. ‘Multiplex Exposure’ function. View first shot on LCD then frame
second shot over the top.
20. Q-Button (Quick) for instant access to shooting menus as standard.
21. Multi-Tab menu system for easy navigation.
22. ‘Focus Peak Highlight’ function to help you to check the focal plane while using manual focus.
23. Available in solid black or black and silver.
24. X20 Logo engraved on front.
25. Strap attachment rings are coated with a stainless-steel layer.
26. Lens barrel shielded to protect from dust.
27. Fujifilm X10 vs X20, you can now directly attach a protector filter to the lens.
28. Supports external microphone
29. Changed the layout of buttons
30. Fujifilm X10 vs X20, improved using the wide aperture in MF shooting
31. WB shift available in any mode
32. Able to reset the Custom settings and Camera settings separately
33. All camera settings now retained when firmware is updated
34. Add ‘MARK FOR UPLOAD TO’ MyFinePix.com
35. Support for Eyefi cards
36. In low light scene, LCD display is sharp and clear
37. When holding shutter button, LCD doesn’t freeze
38. After release the shutter button you can now immediately use some keys
39. In Manual Exposure, the histogram updates faster
40. In Post-viewing, eye sensor function can work
41. Able to set ISO-AUTO in ISO-TAB
42. Changed the location of ‘AF area select button’
43. Add the function ‘ADVANCED SR AUTO’
44. In movie shooting, Scene recognition function can work
45. In movie shooting, D-range expansion function can work
46. While movie shooting, you are now able to also capture still photos
47. Intelligent anti-blur function has been improved
48. High-resolution zoom processing is faster.
49. High-resolution zoom range has been extended.
50. Easy to select the setting of continuous shooting
51. Removed dedicated “RAW” button (but can still be set to the Fn button)