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Panasonic GX2 Announcement and Expected Specs

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Panasonic GX2 camera rumors about its announcement and specifications are still coming from different sources.

The Lumix GX2 is rumored to have a new sensor and more likely better specifications than Panasonic GH3.

Panasonic GX2 may have a new 18megapixel sensor camera. AF speed will also be the same as Panasonic GH3 but the new GX2 will provide faster shutter speed at 1/8000th.

The upcoming GX2 model will have tiltable built-in viewfinder, image stabilization and non-weather sealed magnesium alloy body. Here are the expected specs for the Micro Four Thirds camera


Panasonic GX2 Digital Camera Specs

  • New 18MP sensor
  • Fastest shutter speed at 1/8000s
  • Tiltable built-in viewfinder
  • Image stabilization
  • Non-weather sealed magnesium alloy body
  • Same AF speed as GH3
  • Larger than the current GX1
  • Price around $800
  • Expected announcement in August, 2013

The announcement expected for Panasonic GX1 successor this August with a price tag around $800.