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Nikon Coolpix A Sensor Review by DxOMark

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The Nikon COOLPIX A is the first COOLPIX to incorporate a DX-format sensor, similar to those found in many of Nikon’s coveted D-SLRs, which provides the highest image quality possible from a compact point-and-shoot. The Coolpix A fits a 16MP APS-C CMOS sensor with no optical low-pass filter behind a 28mm equivalent, F2.8 prime lens.

DxOMark published test results for the Nikon Coolpix A digital compact camera. The smallest APS-C camera Coolpix A outperforms many other compact/mirrorless cameras and comes close to the capabilities of the D5200 and D7100 DSLR cameras in terms of high ISO and dynamic range performance. DxOMark’s conclusion:

“The Nikon Coolpix A high-end compact offers similar or better image quality to many entry-level or mid range DSLRs, and although bettered by the higher resolution D5200 or D7100 DSLRs and the Pentax K-5 series, the Coolpix A still makes the top 10 for APS-C cameras.”


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