Sony SLT-A77 Firmware Update Coming with Honami JPEG Engine Support

Sony is rumored to release a firmware update for the Sony SLT-A77 camera this summer. The new firmware update for the Sony A77 camera will correct several bugs and will also include the new Honami JPEG engine support.

The Sony A77 digital single-lens translucent camera features a 24.3-megapixel image sensor and will get a software upgrade in early July.

The new firmware expected to include the following changes. See below for the details.


Sony SLT-A77 Firmware Update

  • Added Lens Correction
  • Updated Jpg Engine (based on the honami smartphone project).
  • Revisions to menu structure
  • Revisions to video capture rates

According to SAR along with SLT-A77 camera A65, A58, A57, and the A37 will all be compatible with Honami JPEG Engine.

  • Steve Ainscough

    Has the update been given a date yet?


    • dcnadmin

      Hi, there is no exact date for the update, yet.

  • Tito

    So it’s the end of September and I’m still waiting for the A77 Firmware Update. I’ve been shooting with this camera for a year now and despite the fact that I love it it could use some update on the “fire up” department and a few other parts too. Any news on the date please?
    Thank You.

  • davelafontaine

    It looks like Sony has moved on and left the A77 behind as far as firmware updates go. It is still a pretty good camera.