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The AI-powered Canon PowerShot Pick: Pick All Your Memories for $391

They say time and beauty fades, but only memories remain. We can only relive our pasts in the best moments we create today. We can never turn back the hands of time, but we can put in more time to make memories so that when we look back one day, we will remember the journey up to where we shall be by the time we revisit the past.

And how do we create memories? One common way is taking a shot of memorable moments and saving the pictures. You can click here to create some memorable game memories. Canon, a Japanese company, has decided to help us make the memory creation process easy. The company recently released an AI-powered camera known as the Canon Powershot Pick. They released this intelligent device during crowdfunding in Makuake on the 29th January 2021.

Canon is one of the top companies for optical devices. They have several cameras in their name, and their greatness is evidenced by having their products all over the world. There is no camera or lens shop you will walk into and fail to identify a Canon camera somewhere on the shelves.

Their recent release has received quite a hype across review sites. Here is why so many people are heaping praises on this device.

The Buzz Around The AI-Powered Canon Powershot Pick

People are delighted with this device because of how efficiently it delivers. For $391, it gives you full value for money. All you need to do is set it up, speak to it, and watch it save your memories.

I’d say this is the camera version of Alexa. Fully AI and knows all your imagery needs by heart (okay, I mean by setting). This AI-powered Canon Powershot pick camera is a small device that blends well in your home setting. Most of the time, you will almost forget its existence.

The technology of this PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera wows so many users. It operates on voice commands, from where it can look for a priority face and take shots or videos as per the request.

Additionally, you can mark your target face for the camera to detect it in a crowded room. It will process and prioritize all set faces and look for them in a room full of other people to take shots. Amazing, right? This means you don’t have to keep adjusting your settings when you want a picture taken like most cameras.

Also, the camera does not just take robotic pictures. When you voice command it to take images, it will first pan, zoom or tilt as necessary to get the best angle and identify the best emotional expression to capture.

The camera is a stand-alone and can stay on any home surface. You should always leave your device at a central place to take pictures and record videos smoothly. For instance, if you and your family spend a lot of time in the living room, get the camera standing on one surface, so when you give it commands, it captures fast.

The camera is portable and suitable to function outdoors. It is easy to move around on its own or attached to a tripod. It works well in all light settings and can adjust to produce good pictures in dim places.

Hello Pick, Take A Photo/Video

It only takes a few words to capture a fantastic family moment.

Anytime you say, ‘Hello Pick,” the camera will stop the ongoing action and wait for a new command. For example, when recording a video and want to take still images, you say, “Hello, Pick, take a photo.”

In between shots, the command, “Hello Pick, take a rest,” makes the AI-powered Canon Powershot camera stop and wait for the next order.

Checking your images and videos on the AI-powered Canon PowerShot Pick. By now, you must be wondering where the captured events go. Well, all your saved memories will be accessible in your smartphone’s memory through an App.

The compatibility with your smartphone also means you can give and receive commands from the camera through your phone. For instance, if you cannot use your voice to provide the camera with controls, you will key in specific keywords for it to understand and act.

Again the camera will communicate to you through the mobile device. For example, if there is a rapid tilt, you will get a notification to check your camera’s position or notify you that your camera has fallen.

Hello Pick, Take A Rest

There you have it. All the buzz and hype on the AI-powered Canon Powershot Pick dissected. Do you think this is a camera you would spend on? Let us know.