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How do Casinos Employ the use of Cameras and Technology?

Casinos online and land-based, have always adopted technology that can either improve security or the guests’ experience. There have been many occasions where players have used technology against the casino to gain an edge and cheat but the house always finds a way to fight back.

However, casino technology isn’t all just about security. There are also many other uses for technology and cameras in traditional land-based establishments. Camera technology is also being used online to change the player’s experience.

Other technology might not be visible but is changing the way casinos operate to make processes run smoother for employees and players.

Here are some of the ways that cameras and technology are used by casinos. 

The eyes-in-the-sky

Cameras have long been used to help with facial recognition. Bally’s was experimenting with facial recognition back in 1994 but at the time the cameras couldn’t pick up enough detail without being too obtrusive. Now, however, Las Vegas joints and other casinos are rammed full of discrete cameras watching over everything.

The average Las Vegas casino has 2,000 cameras installed. Some cameras have great features such as fast burst shooting and eye control auto-focus whereas others are there for a specific purpose. The cameras in casinos are there to catch cheaters.

There are two ways that this type of camera helps, firstly it allows human operators to watch for anomalies. This means how people are acting and usually involves hands and feet. These operators are looking for low-level criminals who are out to steal a players’ handbag or slot machine ticket. They look at their feet because these crooks rarely bother to find shoes that match the nice shirt they are wearing and therefore stand out as suspicious.

The other way these cameras are used is for facial recognition. 

Body Worn Cameras

Body worn cameras that are used commercially are trending in casinos. These compact devices, worn by security personnel or casino staff, offer real-time perspectives on activities within the premises. Their implementation provides several advantages, such as enhanced security through continuous recording of events, acting as a deterrent to potential wrongdoers, and ensuring employee accountability.  

The cameras are valuable in preventing and investigating theft, fraud, or altercations, as the footage serves as crucial evidence. Moreover, they aid in resolving customer disputes by providing an unbiased account of situations. The use of body-worn cameras also helps casinos comply with industry regulations, fostering a transparent and accountable approach to security.  

Additionally, the footage serves as a training tool for security personnel to review and analyze real-life situations to improve response strategies. Integrating body-worn camera footage with existing surveillance systems ensures a comprehensive and synchronized approach to casino security.   

Body-worn cameras tailored for casinos have various features to enhance security and operational efficiency. These include high-resolution recording capabilities for clear and detailed footage, a wide-angle lens to minimize blind spots in dynamic environments, and low-light and infrared capabilities for optimal performance in challenging lighting conditions. 

Some models offer real-time streaming, allowing for remote monitoring and quick response to unfolding situations. Integration with GPS technology and timestamping provides precise information about the location and timing of recorded events.

Facial recognition software

Of course, facial recognition is being used widely across the globe for security and anti-terrorism measures. Land borders and airports use these systems to identify threats and criminals before they can board aircraft and put others in danger.

In casinos they have two purposes, one is security, and the other one is to improve the player’s UX. When a guest arrives at a casino their prime objective is to have a good time, it could be argued winning is the first objective and enjoyment after, but all players want to leave happy.

Casinos are using technology to improve the overall experience in many ways. One of them is to use cameras in gaming environments to make a player feel more welcome.

This use of camera technology was developed by Konami Gaming who have interests in video games, the Japanese game pachinko, and slot machines. The idea behind this type of facial recognition is to welcome loyal players as they sit at a table or machine.

Many casinos have loyalty cards and by recognizing players, the system can update their points without the need for a physical card and let the player redeem a casino boni.. The player will have the option to opt-out of the system and have data deleted although undesirable player’s information can also be stored to automatically lock these players out of games. 

License plate readers

Cameras are also employed to recognize the license plates of undesirable players long before they get to slot machines or blackjack tables. By scanning every vehicle plate as it enters the casino’s car park, security can be ready to eject any unwanted visitor.

Not all camera technology is for security though and live casinos are starting to shape the future of online gaming. 

Angel playing cards and shoes

One other security measure that casinos introduced a while back is Angel Eye technology. Not strictly a camera, but a reader, that can count what cards should be on the table at any time.

Casinos approached Angel Playing Cards to develop a system to prevent card switching which was becoming a major problem in areas such as Macau and other parts of Asia.

This system records exactly what cards have been dealt and if the numbers don’t add up after a game of baccarat is played, security is alerted. 

Live dealers and live casinos

Although this idea isn’t entirely new, the way it is being used is fast improving. Not everyone wants to visit brick-and-mortar casinos but at the same time, not everyone wants to play online roulette or poker with graphics representing the wheel or cards.

By using green screens, professional croupiers, and cameras, an online casino can replicate a real card game, to a degree. Roulette, blackjack, and poker, can all be played this way and it allows a player to see a dealer actually running the game.

The differences between this and real casinos are still vast, however. If you joined a live casino you wouldn’t be able to see any of the other players or communicate with them in the way you could at a traditional gaming house. However, you can communicate with the dealer and they will refer to you by your username.

By seeing the game unfold, online casinos have addressed one area that puts off some gamblers from playing, trust. In the past, some people have been wary of online casinos thinking perhaps they are not as safe as traditional establishments.

This has been proven wrong many times and all online casinos are licensed. However, seeing a real-life dealer hosting the game makes many players feel more comfortable. 

Casino streaming

If you have heard the phrase, casino streaming you may be intrigued. You may also wonder what is casino streaming?

Video games have become hugely popular over the past few decades, and with the introduction of online gaming, they have gone through the roof. Esports competitions and professional players now exist, and one of the ways they attract more fans and revenue is to stream themselves playing.

Twitch and YouTube are ideal platforms for this activity and now casinos and players are getting involved too.

Players use cameras to stream themselves playing in casinos or online with slots or roulette. Fans of casino games can go online and watch as the action unfolds, watching big wins or losses occur. 


Casinos are using NFC technology to improve a guest’s experience and make check-in easier for them. RFID technology is used in medical settings, and also in casinos to prevent chips from being stolen and to let the casino know when a slot machine needs to be emptied or filled. 

Cameras are used throughout traditional, and even online, casinos to improve security and to help the player have a better time. No doubt casinos will be looking for more ways to use cameras in apps and websites to bring the traditional casino experience online and into the player’s home.