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Blast From The Past- Everything You Need To Know Before Buying An Antique Camera

You may be a camera enthusiast and have a huge collection of cameras. However, not everyone owns an antique camera. Are you thinking of buying one for yourself?

Before you make the purchase, there are a few things you need to know about antique cameras. We’ll be discussing all of these, so keep reading if you’re interested.

They’re Expensive

If you want to buy an antique camera, you should know that they’re very expensive. In fact, they’re one of the most expensive types of cameras on the market.

This is due to their value. So, your best bet is to get them from an independent seller, either through Amazon or eBay. If you go to a pawn shop, you’ll be hit with a pretty steep price tag.

The Film Isn’t The Best

Antique cameras can still be used in our day and age. However, you will require a very specific film that would be costly as well.

What’s worse, you may be frustrated with how your images turn out as the film won’t be the best quality.

If you find a picture of your grandmother as a child, you can easily use photo restore to restore your old family photos and dive back into your family’s past. You can find out more about how to do this through services like InstaRestoration. Although used for antique images, you’ll have to utilize such services when you’re using the antique camera as well. Or else, your photographs will deteriorate because of the film used.

The Film Is Hard To Get

As the camera is so old, you’ll find it hard to find someone that sells film for it. So when you do find someone that does, you need to buy the film in bulk.

You Load The Camera A Specific Way

Antique cameras require you to load the film into it very specifically. You can’t fill it up like you usually do because it’s light-sensitive. So you need to take the camera to a dark room and get it done.

When you open it up, you might be baffled by how it works. In fact, many people say they have no idea where to place the film.

This is usually in a special compartment that you need to open up. You can do this by spinning a knob attached to it.

You Need A Steady Hand

You need to be extremely careful when you’re handling the camera. If your hand is not steady when you’re taking pictures, your photographs are going to turn out blurry. Remember image stabilization wasn’t around back then!

You’ll have to look for the window which is usually on the top left of the camera. When you’re about to take a picture, roll the film each time you’re taking one. Otherwise, everything you photograph will have double exposure.

Getting The Pictures Developed Is Hard

You’ll find it tough to get the pictures developed as not many people are used to developing such old film. If you live in the city, you may find a few people that could cater to your needs. However, you will first need to do some digging.