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Rumored Specifications of Leica M12

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Leica is planning to announce the new Leica M12 rangefinder camera. Here are the rumored specifications. The US price of the upcoming Leica M12 camera will be close to $10,000.

The new Leica M12 will not have IBIS, but the LCD screen and EVF will have a separate built-in image stabilization. The camera will have a larger LCD screen size. See the rumored specifications of the Leica M12 below.

Leica M11 price stands at $8,995 in the US. Check availability at AdoramaAmazonB&HPhoto.

Leica M12 Rumored Specs

  • The Leica M12 will be 3mm smaller compared to the current Leica M11.
  •  a new hybrid viewfinder like the Fuji X100 or maybe even a 100% electronic viewfinder.
  • The ISO dial on the top left could be completely removed.
  • A new dial could be introduced behind the shutter button that can be controlled with the thumb.
  • Large 3.9″ screen on the back (the M11 has a 2.95″ screen).
  • The large screen means also removing most (all?) buttons from the back of the camera – maybe we will get a touchscreen interface similar to the Leica TL:

Stay tuned for more info…

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