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New Firmware Ver 6.00 for Fujifilm X-H2S Released

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Fujifilm released new firmware update Ver.6.00 for X-H2s. You can follow the links below to download the firmware updates.

Here’s a rundown of how to check and update your Fujifilm firmware to the latest version in order to take advantage of any bug fixes and new features.

Before proceeding, you’ll want to check your camera’s firmware version. There’s no point trying to update if there’s no newer version. It’s a very easy process to check the firmware.

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How do I check Fujifilm firmware version?

Checking the Firmware Version
  1. Turn the camera off and check that a memory card is inserted.
  2. Turn the camera on while pressing the DISP/BACK button. The current firmware version will be displayed; check the firmware version.
  3. Turn the camera off.

How do I update my Fujifilm firmware?

Turn the camera on while pressing “DISP/BACK” button to show the display in the right (current version is 1.00). Then, press the “MENU/OK” button. Press the [OK] button. Follow the screen below to update the firmware.

Fujifilm X-T5 Vs. X-H2 Vs. X-T4 Specs Comparison

Fujifilm X-H2S Firmware ver. 6.00

Click Here to download Fujifilm X-H2S Firmware ver. 6.00

The firmware update Ver.6.00 from Ver.5.10 incorporates the following issues:

  1. Supports camera linkage enhanced in “FUJIFILM XApp” Ver. 2.0.0 or later.
    1) The following camera data, such as registration and operation information, are now displayed in the “Equipment” tab with FUJIFILM XApp.
    [Camera data to be displayed in the “Equipment” tab in the “FUJIFILM XApp”]
    ・Number of lifetime shots
    ・Number of days since the last sensor cleaning
    2) Camera firmware upgrade process becomes easier.
    The “FUJIFILM XApp” automatically downloads and transfer the revised firmware to the memory card in the camera in the background, so that you can upgrade the firmware anytime.
    Note-1:Background data transfer is performed while the camera and “FUJIFILM XApp” are connected via Wi-Fi.
    Note-2:Once the revised firmware is automatically downloaded, the firmware update information is displayed on the LCD, prompting the operator to update to the latest firmware.
    Note-3:It will work at next firmware update although the firmware is modified with this version.
  2. AF performance is improved as follows.
    1) In Focus Mode AF-C, AF tracking performance has been improved in scenes where the camera tends to lose focus.
    ・Operation: “AF-ON” button ON + simultaneous release
    2) A firmware bug is fixed that the AF focusing accuracy and distance indicator varied when using a wide-angle lens.
  3. The following functions related to movie recording is implemented to improve usability at movie shooting.
    1) A frame to indicate recording in progress is now displayed on the screen while recording the movie.
    2) The start and end sounds are now sounding during movie recording.
    3) “SELF-TIMER” is added to the “MOVIE SETTING”, so that you can set the time from pressing the shutter release button to starting the movie recording.
    4) “WIDE/TRACKING” function is added for focusing during movie recording. In case that the focus mode is set to AF-C, the camera automatically tracks the subject while touching the screen and in AF-S, the camera automatically selects the subject to focus on.
  4. ”FIRMWARE UPDATE” function is added to the setup menu.
    Insert a memory card containing the new firmware into the camera and select [USER SETTING] in the [SET UP] menu to update the firmware.
    The current procedure for firmware update can also continue to be used as follows.
    ・Start the camera while holding down the DISP/BACK button to update the firmware.
    ・Connect to a smartphone application to update firmware.
  5. “AUTO POWER OFF TEMP.” setting screen is now displayed at initial setup, so that you can set the temperature (STANDARD/HIGH) to automatically turn off the power in case that the camera temperature rises.
    Note: After updating to firmware version 6.00, a setup screen will appear.
  6. Wi-Fi connection performance is improved, so that the usability for the communication functions becomes more comfortable, such as Frame.io.
  7. Uploading still images and movies to the Frame.io platform is now available without the “File Transmitter FT-XH”.
  8. A firmware bug is fixed that the exposure of the images taken changes slightly in case that the “INTERVAL TIMER SHOOTING“ is set at the manual mode.
  9. A firmware bug is fixed that the aperture value fluctuates while zooming at “Burst” mode with fixed aperture value.
  10. A firmware bug is fixed that the exposure of the preview image and the recorded image are different from each other when shooting manually with the XF50mmF1.0 R WR, which has a bright aperture F value.
  11. A firmware bug is fixed that the area settings in some regions are not automatically updated when connecting the camera to the “FUJIFILM XApp” to synchronize time.
  12. Other minor bugs are fixed.

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