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New Canon Firmware For Five Telephoto Lenses

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Canon releases firmware updates for 5 telephoto RF lenses. Ideal for sports, wildlife and action photography, these lenses with longer focal lengths offer the clarity and precision needed to capture every detail from afar.

The RF mount has allowed Canon to dramatically increase the performance and features of their telephoto lens lineup while at the same time reducing their weight and size. In addition, the RF mount has enabled Canon to introduce some truly unique lenses, which would not have been possible before due to the limitations of the EF mount.

See below for the new Canon firmware updates to 5 RF mount telephoto lenses.

Firmware Changes

  • Even with fast zoom operations, it is now easier to focus. (RF 100-300 f/2.8L IS USM Only)
  • In the electronic shutter system, the control of the panning assist after the second shot of continuous shooting has been improved.

Available Updates

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