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Canon EOS R1 EVF Rumored Specifications

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Latest Canon rumors gives intriguing details regarding the rumored Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) specifications of the EOS R1. If these specifications prove to be accurate, they are undeniably impressive and have the potential to revolutionize the photography landscape.

According to the leaked information, the Canon EOS R1 EVF is expected to boast an extraordinary 7.x million dots, presenting photographers with an incredibly sharp and detailed view of their subjects. Furthermore, this EVF is said to incorporate a substantial 0.7-inch OLED panel, enhancing the overall visual experience.

Canon EOS R1 is scheduled to be announced in the second half of 2023, here are the rumored EVF Rumored Specifications.

Canon EOS R1 EVF Rumored Specifications

  • 7.x million dots
  • 0.7 inch OLED
  • 60 – 240hz refresh rate
  • Variable refresh rate possible
  • 4000nit brightness
  • Blackout free

The delay in the release of the Canon EOS R1 is because Canon plans to expand the RF mount lineup with more affordable cameras first. It’s also possible that the Canon EOS R5S will be released before the flagship EOS R1.

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