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SIRUI 75mm T2.9 1.6x Full-Frame Anamorphic Lens

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Sirui has announced a new 75mm T2.9 full-frame 1.6x anamorphic lens. Like the SIRUI 50mm T2.9 1.6x, the new 75mm lens will be available in Canon RF, Leica L, Sony E and Nikon Z mounts, for use on a range of cameras that also share those mounts including Panasonic & Sigma for L mount and the RED Komodo for RF mount.

It offers a 2.4:1 aspect ratio when filling a 3:2 format sensor and a 2.8:1 aspect ratio when shot on a 16:9 crop. Of course, you’ll also get those typical anamorphic lens flares and oval bokeh. It has a minimum focus distance of only 85cm and has an 82mm filter thread on the front.

SIRUI already has a range of 1.33x anamorphic lenses available including the SIRUI 75mm f/1.8,  Anamorphic 1.33xSIRUI 50mm f/1.8 Anamorphic 1.33x, and SIRUI 24mm f/2.8 Anamorphic 1.33x. The lens will have an early bird price of $1,199

Since it seems SIRUI is making its 1.33x lineup into a 1.6x lineup it is highly likely we will see a SIRUI 24mm T2.9 Anamorphic 1.6x in the near future.

SIRUI 75mm T2.9 1.6x Full-Frame Anamorphic Lens Specs

Focal length 75mm
Max aperture T2.9
Min aperture T16
Angle of view Unspecified
Format Full-Frame
Mount Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony E, Leica L
Lens type 1.6x Anamorphic
Focus type Manual Focus
Focus throw 95.5°
Min focus distance 85cm
Optics 15 elements in 13 groups
Filter size 82mm
Aperture blades 10
Dimensions 88 x 153.5-157.5mm
Weight 1,365-1401g

Key Features

All-Round Player for close-up and long shot
The 1.6x squeeze factor gives the lens a horizontal angle of view from a 46mm lens, making it great for general usage. Objects in the distance seem to be zoomed in, forming a compression with the subject. Overall, it is a useful focal length for handling both close-up and long shots.

High Resolution Wide-Screen Images
You’ll have no problem getting super crisp wide-screen shots on this lens, with the subject being exceptionally sharp and the background soft and natural.

Let’s Dive into the Anamorphic World!
What most filmmakers want from an anamorphic lens, the subtle blue lens flares, the flattering oval bokeh as well as the creamy background, together they add a strong cinematic feeling to the video.

Consistent Cine Lens Housing
75mm lens maintains the same solid build quality. It features an 82mm filter thread, and a 1/4” threaded holder. Focus and aperture rings are geared with unified position as the 50mm FF.

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