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Real Estate photography at its Best

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Selecting the right professional real estate photographer, doing this will always make your sale so much easier in the long run, it will cut your work in half before you have even left home.

When putting your home up for sale it is very important to have the premises photographed showing all its potential.. With many homes on the market or up for rental, having your home stand out better than any others is crucial in attracting the right attention.

When you go online to look at the competition, you will begin to see exactly what you’re up against. Having the right photographs really can make or break a prospective buyers’ decision at first glance, this will lead to the main factor. Do they take the bold step over your threshold? 

There are so many things that attach a person to their current home. Remember first looks are everything, you have an emotional attachment to your home but a possible buyer does. The correct photographer will be able to capture your home in the best possible way.

As a seller you want the real estate agent and photographer to do their absolute utmost to be able to get you the best price for your property. Aim for the full market value which can be reached if your real estate photographer can get the right pictures.

Why do you need good photographs?

When a potential buyer is looking to make a purchase, they will often shop with their eyes. It is irrelevant what you are buying, clothes, cars or houses looks sell. The better the photographs, the better the interest it will demand.

You will need your property to stand out. There are many ways that a professional talented real estate photographer will use their camera to gain the best possible photographs. With the right angles and adjustments to furniture lightening and decorations they really will get you more interest in your home than anyone else.

There isn’t a need to rush when getting a photographer to photograph your real estate. Remember a lot of potential buyers having been looking for their new home for months. To some people this may be their forever home, so the choice they will make in coming to view a property will be based solely on the photographs you use being the right ones.

Why the photographs are more important to the buyer

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or so they say, the right photographer will be able to see your home without emotion. They have a clear perspective when it comes to what will work. They will have studied photography for many years.

Remember this is their job, listen to the photographer after all they are the ones behind the camera. Before the photographer takes the photograph, get them to explain what will get the best photos.The photographer will probably go though some simple steps with you.

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 They don’t want to waste your time just as equally as they don’t want their time wasted. Use simple things that will make a real estate photograph stand out.. These are things that can not be achieved by the camera, common sense will need to be used by you, not just the photographer.

The professional advice that they will give you is just that advice so it will be down to you whether or not you take this. 

Tips for the best way to sell real estate

There are some small tips in the list below, some of these you may be asked to do before photographing your property and why. The real estate photographer will be using up to date state of the art superior equipment, the most up to date technology lighting and cameras. There is one thing the photographer can not make happen by magic and that is how clean and tidy the property looks in the pictures.

  • removal of clutter making the room appear bigger
  • clear window sills, bigger windows
  • remove all shoes from hallways and porches longer hallways
  • box up unused everyday items potential to add to the room
  • remove mats from floors wider floor space
  • have minimal furniture in each room, the room appears bigger
  • dark or unusual colors on walls painted neutral will give a brighter cleaner look
  • sinks are empty and clean this will give the impression of less work
  • do not over dress windows or beds this automatically makes the room lighter with as much natural light as possible showing

When a photograph is asking you to remove these things it is for a reason. They are not trying to be difficult. They know that by doing these small things, it will make your photographs a million times better.

The camera will pick up what your eyes will not always see when you look at it every day. There are certainly things that make a photograph appear overly fussy. That is not what your real estate photographs should show.

Potential is essential in more than one way. The potential buyer you are trying to attract needs to what your property can be turned into. The right home for their family or property for their business.

The photographer will want to take an array of pictures and will then decide what they think are the best ones. Even if you don’t agree, ask them to explain why they think these are best? Hear the reason for this out. Then make a decision together.

Photographs need to be taken in the right way

If a photograph is taken in the correct position it will show your property at its best. Certain angles in a room will make the room appear bigger. This is not deceitful as the measurements of the room will be listed, however what it does do is give the illusion that you have much more space to work with.

The trouble is that some rooms are funny angles, if they are not photographed in the correct way it will make the property seem much smaller than it actually is.

 When a property is photographed looking a lot smaller it will bring more questions this is return will make a client less likely to go and view it in person.If a home or property appears smaller it will nearly always make you question two things.  Will we have enough space and will we need to extend the property?

If your photographs appear dark and dingy it gives off the wrong impression of what your property will look like when attended in person. If something looks like its going to need work it automatically puts people in an anxious state of mind. 


There are lots of tips that a real estate agent will give to you. When it comes to photographing your property. There are a lot of reasons for why doing these things will give you the best photographs.

Correct angles and perfect lighting will make all the difference to a photograph. There are many tricks of the trade that a photographer will use to get the best photo they can, this is to attract as many people to the property they are advertising.

The key to selling anything is advertising, however you address your wording when selling real estate, you will not attract anyone without the correct photograph, with the correct photos you will attract the client base you are aiming for.

You have a target audience, you are trying to show  them what you have to offer before they even step foot into your property.

When choosing the correct photographer here are a few tips to help.

  •  Do not rush
  •  Look at their previous real estate photographs
  • Discuss the best selling point of your property
  • What type of equipment they will need to bring and if you have space for it to be set up
  • What they need you to do as the seller

Take advantage of the possible help provided, this can result in drumming up suitable interests in your property. The flow of interest will be determined significantly by the quality of your pictures.