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Roundup : OIympus E-M10 III No #1 Mirrorless in Japan & BEST Olympus cameras ever made

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Here is a small roundup of the latest Olympus news which we find interesting and see the power of Micro Four Thirds. Firstly OIympus E-M10 Mark III beat out the rivals and win the no #1 of mirrorless cameras in Japan. This covers the 2020 sales and the data published by BCN-R

BCN+R is a major national consumer electronics retailer that has been collecting and aggregating daily point-of-sale data for years. The organization published its top ten list of sales for interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras in 2020 and Olympus wins the top spot. See the full ranking.

Second news is about a relative question. Peter Forsgård published a video review and made a list of the best Olympus cameras ever made. Of course you are free to relay yours in the comments section but we believe that this is great video.

Olympus has completed the camera division transfer to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP). The new website is located at om-digitalsolutions.com and now live. From now on all Micro Four Thirds users will get official news about MFT products on this new om-digitalsolutions.com/en/ website! So stay connected as it will take a while until they move everything over.

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