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Meyer Optik Görlitz Announces the Lydith 30mm f/3.5 II Lens

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Meyer Optik Görlitz announces the new Lydith 30mm f/3.5 II lens for full-frame, APS-C mount cameras. The lens features a minimum focusing distance of 15cm (6in), features a stepless aperture (F3.5–16) and has a 52mm front filter thread. It comes in a variety of full-frame and APS-C lens mounts, including Canon EF, Fuji X, Leica L, Leica M, M42, MFT, Nikon F, Pentax K and Sony E.

Based on a classic optical design, the Lydith 30mm f/3.5 II from Meyer-Optik Gorlitz is a compact wide-angle prime The original 1964 version of this lens was praised for its sharpness, contrast, and color fidelity, and the latest reincarnation boasts those qualities as well, allowing subjects to pop from their defocused backgrounds.

The lens is currently available to purchase from the Meyer Optik Görlitz website and authorized retailers for $900. Meyer Optik Görlitz lenses are sold at Adorama and B&H Photo.

Press release:

Bad Kreuznach – 24th August 2020 – Following the successful launch of the Trioplan 100 f2.8 II in June, Meyer Optik Görlitz releases the second new lens today – the Lydith 30 f3.5 II.

“With a focal length of 30 millimeters, the Lydith currently represents the shortest focal length in our portfolio and its imaging properties enable photographers to capture scenes with exceptional vividness”, explains Timo Heinze, Managing Director OPC Optics. “The way Lydith renders colors and draws contrast-rich, extremely sharp images with wonderful bokeh effects, leads to very dynamic images.”

New mechanical design and improved optical construction

The new Lydith 30 f3.5 II comes with a completely new mechanical design and revised optical design. “We have gathered lots of feedback and decided to step away from the previous mechanical design and to develop it from scratch. For us, usability and, of course, performance were our main focus. We have also greatly improved the internal optics and are now very satisfied with the final lens,” Timo Heinze continues.

Living colors and high-contrast rendering

The Lydith has always been known for its ability to bring colors to life and create very sharp, high-contrast-images. In certain shooting situations, the high-contrast rendering pushes the typical Lydith effect of releasing the focused object from the background in a three-dimensional way.

High sharpness with unique transition into a wonderful Bokeh

With the Lydith 30 f3.5 II, OPC Optics now releases one of the sharpest and highest-contrast lenses of Meyer Optiks historical portfolio. Of course, the Lydith also offers an extraordinary bokeh with stunning effects. At infinite distance, e.g. for street or landscape shots, the Lydith draws a special sharpness transition to the edges of the image, which leads to a higher concentration to the image center without being too pushy. At close distances, e.g. for plant photography, the Lydith then produces a wonderful bokeh – characterized by soap bubbles, a slight swirl, and a watercolor-like blurriness, which intensifies the three-dimensional impression even more.

Very short minimum object distance and stepless aperture

The new Lydith 30 f3.5 II is also ideal for macro photography due to its short minimum object distance of 0.15m, the three-dimensional imaging and the high sharpness at close ranges. In addition, videographers can once again take advantage of a stepless adjustable aperture.

What comes next?

The first serial production of the Trioplan 50 f2.8 II will be completed shortly as well. In addition, the new Primoplan 75 f1.9 II and the Primoplan 58 f1.9 II are expected to be released in 4-6 weeks. The respective launches will be announced in separate announcements.

Further technical details and photos taken with the new lenses are available at www.meyer-optik-goerlitz.com/en.

About Meyer Optik Görlitz

Meyer Optik Görlitz has a long history as a German manufacturer of high-quality lenses. Founded in 1896, Meyer Optik Görlitz is existent for more than 120 years. Thanks to the creative possibilities provided by the legendary lenses from Meyer Optik Görlitz, the brand enjoys a great popularity – now as then.

About OPC Optics

OPC Optics, founded in 2016 and based in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, is a specialist for high-precision aspherical and spherical lenses, double-aspheres, achromats and components and is a development partner and optics manufacturer for customers in the fields of photography, medical technology, automotive, laser technology, among others. In addition, OPC Optics offers technical consulting for projects and contract measurements of optical components. Thanks to state-of-the-art machines and extensive experience OPC Optics manufactures glass lenses in the highest possible quality and precision. By offering complete documentation from the glass melt, through the processing of the raw glass, to the final product, customers from all over the world rely on the services of OPC Optics.