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More Details About Sony A7R V Camera

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When we look at the upcoming Sony cameras for 2020, it is inevitable to add Sony A7R V to the list. So here are the first rumors about the Sony A7R V, though it is too early!

It’s a little early to talk about the Sony A7R V. We can also foresee that the Sony A7R V announcement may extend to 2021, since both the coronavirus affecting the year 2020 and the previous model Sony A7R IV is just one year old.

On the other hand, due to the impact of Canon EOS R5 in the camera industry, Sony can secure the business and bring the Sony A7R V announcement early. So here are more details about the Sony A7R V camera.

We do not expect a resolution increase here, as Sony’s A7r series is based on a high resolution sensor and we have just met the new 60MP Sony sensor. We also know that the company has an IMX555CQR sensor with very high resolution values. According to leaked specs sheet, this IMX555CQR sensor has 102MP resolution. It is capable to capture 6K videos using 12bit ADC with on-chip binning/line-skipping. 4K RGB 4:4:4 video with on-chip color-aware binning. On the other hand there is a strong possibility that Sony will use the new sensor in the Sony A9R camera to compete against Canon’s upcoming EOS Rs/EOS R3 camera.

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