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Nikon N1933 Code Could be the Z70 DX Mirrorless Camera

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Nikon N1933 code registered and this high-end Dx Z-mount mirrorless camera could be the previously rumored Nikon Z70.

According to Nokishita Camera, Taiwan NCC today has posted the some more info about upcoming Nikon N1933 camera code. The N1933 will most likely be a new Nikon DX-format Z-mount mirrorless camera and it is expected to be named as Nikon Z70.

So why is this camera code considered to be a Nikon DX-format mirrorless camera? According to registered info, this N1933 camera mount on Z DX 16-50mm 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR lens when testing in lab. So it is likely to be an APS-c shaped mirrorless camera. Since it uses a new battery named EN-EL15c (7.0V 2280mAh) (similar as EN-EL15b for Z6 & Z7 (7.0CV 1900mAh). With these in mind it could be a new high-end/flagship Z-mount mirrorless camera – Nikon Z 70.

Nikon already has a very aggressive strategy for its full frame mirrorless lineup. Both Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 sales are good and they are adding up new Z-mount lenses to the system.


Currently, there is no much about Nikon’s DX format Z-mount mirrorless cameras. Regardless of what is next, stay tuned to our website to find out the latest digital camera news and Nikon Rumors.

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