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New Canon EOS R & RP Firmware Coming in September 2019 (Improves Autofocus User Experience)

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Canon will release a new firmware update for the EOS R and EOS RP full frame mirrorless cameras in September. This new fw update will provide minor improvements to the cameras’ autofocus implementation. With the update, Canon says that eye detection will become more sensitive to small targets.

Users should also notice the AF point moving significantly faster to keep up with a moving subject. Canon clarifies that this is a user interface improvement only – previously, autofocus was keeping up adequately even though the AF point appeared to lag. It’s worth noting that this wasn’t our experience – the AF point did lag, but autofocus didn’t appear to be keeping up despite it. Canon notes that this update isn’t designed to increase eye autofocus speed itself, either.

Those interested can download the update for their respective system via the EOS R and EOS RP support pages. The update will improve three main functions:

  • Eye detection AF
  • AF frame display delay
  • Subject identification

The firmware update aims to add detection of the subject’s eye when the subject is at a distance, improve overall AF frame tracking for moving subjects, as well as improve initial subject recognition and start tracking when subjects are at a distance.

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