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5 of the Best Photography Contests You Can Enter Right Now

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For photographers, the entire world is their subject. With just a camera you can capture a whole range of scenery, situations, emotions, and more. The internet has enabled billions of us to access photos at our fingertips. Part of the joy of photography is being able to evoke different reactions in people and experience other’s art through our own eyes.

Whether you’re an experienced photographer or at the beginning of your photographic adventures, photography contests are a great way to share your creations. You’ll be challenged with a particular theme to stick to, and as well as potentially winning great prizes, your work will be judged by experts who will help you improve.

Here are five of the top photography contests that you can enter right now. You can discover all these and more at Viewbug.

1. Apes Photo Contest

Deadline: 6th May 2019

Grand Prize: Spinlight 360 Extreme

The goal of this photo contest is to catch the best pictures of our close cousins in the Animal Kingdom — apes. Whether you have a stunning shot of a swinging orangutan or a formidable gorilla taken on safari, submit your best photos of apes for a chance to win the Spinlight 360 Extreme.

2. We Love Paris Photo Contest

Deadline: 21st May 2019

Grand Prize: PRO Aluminium Tripod

The City of Lights is home to such stunning sights that it’s no wonder people love to take photos of it. Paris is beautiful and full of breathtaking moments and places that are irresistible to those with an artistic eye. It’s only recent photos that are eligible for this contest, so get snapping to win the Grand Prize.

3. Colors of the Rainbow Photo Contest

Deadline: 3rd June 2019

Grand Prize: Canon EOS camera

Can you see a rainbow too? Colors are all around us and the stunning seven of the light spectrum — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet — are the stars of the show. In this contest, you can capture any combination or any single instance of these great colors. The subject is entirely your choice. The best photo will win a Canon EOS camera.

4. People Working Photo Contest

Deadline: 17th July 2019

Grand Prize: Canon Rebel T6

This contest seeks to find the best representation of people working. If you think you can succeed at making the ordinary everyday look extraordinary, then this is for you. Armed with your camera, you’re tasked with taking action shots of people in the flow of their jobs. You could win a Canon Rebel T6 camera — get to work!

5. Futuristic Photo Contest

Deadline: 11th July 2019

Grand Prize: Handheld Gimbal

The world is moving at a rapid pace, and the forward march of technology doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. What do you consider to be futuristic? This is what should be in your head when taking photos for this contest. Maybe a particular building seems to catch a glimpse of tomorrow or a hi-tech electric car. The best vision of the potential future will win.

Ori Guttin is a co-founder of Viewbug, an online picture-sharing community, and has spent years working in the internet industry.