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Do You Think Micro Four Thirds System is DEAD?

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A new topic of discussion opened up by Tony Northrup. He believes the micro four thirds is dead and he is open to other thoughts! So, what do you think? Is the Micro Four Thirds system dead? He says no company will ever tell you when an entire system is dying. Also underlines that smartphones are the real compact cameras nowadays.

Technology continues to evolve, and it’s really hard to know what the next years will bring. However, compact and quality systems will always be required depending on camera dimensions and the quality of the images they offer. Of course, in the years to come, compact size full frame mirrorless cameras might be sold at very reasonable prices and many systems including Micro Four Thirds could suffer. We believe that the policies of the manufacturers and user trends will guide this. You can watch the video below.

More of his his opinions and the factors can be found in details at Mirrorless Times website.