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Zeiss ZX1 Full Frame Camera Additional Coverage

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Here are several Zeiss ZX1 hands-on pictures and videos for more information about this fixed-lens full frame camera.

The sensor inside the new Zeiss ZX1 full frame camera is developed by Zeiss and is “perfectly” matched to the fixed 35mm f/2 lens. The lens is also designed by Zeiss and similar to the Sony RX1.

Zeiss ZX1 comes with a 37.4MP image sensor and a fixed 35mm Distagon F2 lens. It has a huge 4.3″ touchscreen with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels to augment its physical controls.

The ZEISS ZX1 will be available from early 2019 and the price to be determined later. Full details with Zeiss ZX1 specifications can be found here 

Zeiss ZX1 Full Frame Camera Hands-on Pictures

Here are some hands-on pictures of the new Zeiss ZX1 that gives us a glimpse of the menu structure and the integration of  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC.

Zeiss ZX1 Videos

Zeiss ZX1 Photokina presentation

Here is an interview with Zeiss Executive by Cinema5D about new announced Zeiss ZX1 full frame mirrorless compact camera.

From Cinema5D:

What jumps out at you about this camera is that ZEISS obviously tried to cut away everything unnecessary. The body, which weighs in at only around 800g including a battery, looks like a unibody-style shell, with only a sleek bulge for a grip. The shutter button, ISO dial and shutter speed dial are the only controls on top of the camera. The back is just as minimalist, accommodating just the 4.3 inch 338 ppi LCD, the 0.7 inch OLED viewfinder (boasting 1080p resolution), one button and the diopter dial. That’s it. On the photographic side it seems to lean heavily on street photography, aiming to be an all-rounder wide angle camera. ISO goes from 80-51.200, shutter speeds go up to 1/8000s utilising a near-silent leaf shutter. The lens focuses up to a minimum focusing distance of 30cm / 1 ft. and ranges from F2.0 wide open to F22 completely stopped down.
The ZEISS ZX1 shoots up to 3fps continuous, though there is no word on whether there is phase detect autofocusing. There’s a hot shoe that supports Sigma flash protocol.

The technical specifications at this point aren’t very specific about the video features. The ZEISS ZX1 can record 4k UHD in up to 30p and 1080p up to 60p. There is a record time limit of 15 minutes per clip. Whether the codec is H.264, H.265 or something else entirely isn’t specified yet.

The ZEISS ZX1 doesn’t use SD cards, or any other cards for that matter, but relies on a whopping 512GB of internal flash storage. According to ZEISS this is enough for up to 6800 full-res RAW images, 50000 JPGs or 20 hours of video. Shot footage can then be offloaded to external storage via USB-C, using the USB 3.1 protocol, or backed up via the built-in Wifi. NFC and Bluetooth are also onboard, to facilitate easier connection to other devices, for example for geo-tagging or remote control. The ZX1 has a built-in microphone and speaker and seems to be able to adapt its USB-C connection to either an HDMI, headphone or microphone jack.
The camera seems to have its own rather full featured operating system, being able to connect to cloud services like Dropbox or even send out emails.