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Profoto B10 Off-camera Flash Announced

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Profoto has created the Profoto B10, their smallest and lightest off-camera flash ever. With five times the power of a speedlight packed into the size and shape of a camera lens, it lets you be creative with light anywhere.

You can even shoot video with the integrated continuous light. Compatibility with over 120 Light Shaping Tools, with all Profoto Air Remotes and connectivity with the Profoto App. The Profoto B10 truly is a big light in a small package.

Profoto B10: B&H Photo / Adorama
Profoto Air Remote TTL-F: B&H Photo / Adorama

Profoto B10 Flash Announced

The Profoto B10 is a brand new cordless off-camera flash that’s about the same size as a medium-sized zoom lens. The B10 gives you five times more light than a speedlight, and it has a natural and beautiful soft fall-off.


  • 250Ws, 10-Stop Power Range
  • 7″ Length, 3.9″ Diameter
  • Full TTL Auto Exposure Control Plus HSS
  • 0.05-2.2 Second Recycling
  • Duration t0.5 Freeze Mode: 1/50,000 Sec.
  • Li-Ion Battery: 400 Full-Power Flashes
  • 3000-6500 LED Modeling Lamp, CRI 90-96
  • 300′ Wireless Triggering with Air TTL
  • Smartphone Connectivity with Profoto App


  • Size and shape of a camera lens
  • Lightweight and cordless
  • Flash with the power of 5 speedlights
  • Continuous light with adjustable brightness and color temperature
  • Flexibility to set up on camera tripods or light stands
  • Compatibility with 120+ Profoto light shaping tools including the full OCF range
  • Compatibility with all Profoto AirTTL Remotes, including the Profoto A1