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Nissin announces new MG10 2.4GHz wireless TTL strobe

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Nissin has introduced the new MG10, an advanced NAS (Nissin Air System) 2.4GHz wireless strobe for both on-camera and studio photography.

This new innovative flash will be available July 2018 (Micro Four Thirds and Fuji versions will follow later this year). The US price is $599.99 for the MG10 alone and $699.99 for the MG10 with Air10s (check for pre-order online). The kits will be available for Nikon, Canon and Sony.

Nissin announces new MG10 2.4GHz wireless TTL strobe

Designed as a multi-purpose flash, the Nissin MG10 can take you from the fast pace of a model runway shoot, to an outdoor scene where high power for HSS shooting is a must. Whether you are working quickly with the flash on camera or creating stunning lighting effects with off camera flash or in a studio setting, the Nissin MG10 has you covered.

With a guide number of 262 feet (80 meters) and 165 watt seconds, this high-power advanced MG10 strobe is the latest addition to the award-winning Nissin Air System, a proprietary wireless TTL communication system developed by Nissin for 2.4GHz radio transmission.

The hand grip can be used to mount the flash on either the left or right side of the camera with height level adjustment. There’s also a shutter release button on the handle and standard ¼-inch, 20 adapter under the flash head for mounting to a light stand. Every MG10 includes a magnesium quick release mounting “L” bracket, AA battery magazine (batteries are not included), Li-Ion battery magazine, ball head, filter holder and wide-angle diffuser. It also fully supports Air 10s and Air 1 wireless commanders.

The Nissin Digital patented removable external motorized zoom head allows the MG10 to zoom from 24~200mm, to 18mm with diffuser. With the Air 10s Commander, the zoom head can be controlled manually or set to synchronize with the lens focal length even when the strobe is used off camera. Other features include:

  • Fast recycling time with full power – 1.5 seconds when using Li-ion batteries with Nissin PS8 power pack; 3.5 seconds when using eight AA batteries.
  • High power modelling lights (LED) – See your lighting set up before you take the shot.
  • Pair MG10 with Air10s – The Open mode allows multiple Air10s units to pair with MG10 strobes, allowing for multiple commanders to control the same set of strobes.
  • Independent control with a maximum of 8 groups – The MG10 will support 4 groups of strobes in both the basic and advanced modes.
  • Sustainable performance, easily updated via a Micro SD card slot – The MG10 is equipped with a Micro SD card slot for easy updates. Nissin plans on including a Micro SD card slot in all future strobes and commanders.

MSRP for the Nissin MG10 in the United States is $599.99 for the MG10 alone, $699.99 for the MG10 with Air10s. Delivery in the United States for Nikon, Canon and Sony kits is expected mid-July. Kits for micro four-thirds and Fuji later this year.

Nissin Air System (NAS) is a proprietary wireless TTL communication system developed by Nissin for 2.4GHz radio transmission that allows for stable operation of slave strobes in any environment. For more information on Nissin products go to www.NissinFlashesUSA.com.

Product Information

  • Product name: Nissin MG10
  • MSRP: $599.99 (single), $699.99 (kit with Air10s)
  • Release date: Introduce to the market June 2018


  • Guide no. (at ISO 100) GN80@200mm / GN47.5@35mm / GN28 without zoom cover /165Ws / Dual Quartz flash tubes
  • Compatible commander Air 10s, Air 1
  • Zoom coverage 24mm~200mm motorized outer zoom, 18mm with diffuser
  • Power source 2x 26650 Li-ion batteries (4000mAh or higher) or 8xAA rechargeable batteries. Batteries are not included
  • Recycling time 2.8 sec. with 2 Li-ion batteries/ 3.5 sec. with 8 AA rechargeable batteries / 1.5 sec with PS8+2 Li-ion batteries
  • Number of flashes (Approx.) 500 times with 2 Li-ion 5000mAh batteries / 200 times with 8 AA 2200mAh rechargeable batteries
  • Flash Duration 1/10000~1/167sec
  • Color temperature 5600K
  • Control and communication By Nissin Air 10s for full functionality
  • Settings Channel setting, Group setting, Open mode on/off, Power switch
  • Wireless mode 2.4GHz with Nissin NAS system EV
  • Compensation on flash None – set by Nissin commander
  • Bounce position -7 ~ 90 degree vertical, +/- 180 degree horizontal manual
  • Manual mode power ratio 1/256- 1/1 with 1/3 steps controlled by Nissin Air 10s
  • Mode TTL, M, HSS, OPEN
  • LED Modeling 8W LED, Control by Air10s, 25 steps, approx. 4 hours operation with 5000mAh batteries, overheat protected
  • External power pack socket Yes
  • Shutter Release Shutter cable to camera or by NAS
  • Tripod mounting hole ¼ inch, 20 adapter
  • Bracket Mount Left or right hand mountable
  • Flash Tube life 100,000 full flashes
  • Accessories AA battery & Li-Ion battery magazine, ball head, filter holder and wide-angle diffuser
  • Dimensions 210x145x80mm HxDxW
  • Weight 975g / 34.4oz (without batteries)