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New Hasselblad X1D firmware 1.21.0 update adds many new features

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Hasselblad has added a slew of new features to the X1D and H6D, announcing the release of firmware version 1.21 which is available to download now.

Version 1.21 adds a white balance sampler tool, audio notifications, tethered image support, the option to zoom in to 100% with a single button press when reviewing captured images, and more to both models, in addition to a few model-exclusive updates.

The X1D gets exposure bracketing for the first time, with the option to use 0.3EV, 0.5EV, 1EV, 2EV or 3EV steps across 2, 3, 5, 7 or 9 frames. Users can choose the sequence of the frames and whether the aperture or shutter speed is used as the variable in manual exposure mode. A new intervalometer has also been added, allowing users to create timelapse sequences with no limit to the number of frames recorded. The mode offers fixed lengths of 2 to 99 frames, but also a mode that will continue shooting until the action is stopped manually. Images can be recorded with intervals of 2 to 60 seconds.

X1D AND H6D: V1.21.0

  • White balance tool
  • Audio notifications
  • Tethered image import
  • Reset all settings: Option to disable reset of profiles
  • Power Off symbol while shutting down
  • Improved feedback to user when missing card in backup mode
  • Browse Zoom: Long-hold to zoom in to 100% or out to full image (X1D: Hold the AF-D/AE-L button; H6D: Hold the True Focus button)

X1D: V1.21.0

  • Interval timer
  • Exposure bracketing
  • New setting: Shutter speed limit for Auto ISO, P- and Full Auto Mode
  • Custom Button for Crop Modes – Replace “Crop Mode Cycle” with “Crop Mode Next” and “Crop Mode Previous”
  • Zoom into coordinates of the focus point for the image just taken
  • Browse images and pan when zoomed-in in EVF with swipe on touch-pad area on display
  • Start live view automatically in EVF after browsing on rear LCD
  • X1D – Audio playback through camera speaker during video playback
  • Auto focus support for all HC/HCD Lenses (except HC120 Macro) when using the XH Lens Adapter

H6D: V1.21.0

  • Profiles
  • HDMI – Pan in zoomed-in with touch-pad area on display

For more information, and to download the new firmware, visit the Hasselblad website.