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Sony FE 200-600mm Lens is in the Works

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Sony is rumored to announce a FE 200-600mm super telephoto-zoom lens soon. Designed primarily for company’s full-frame E-mount cameras, the lens is expected to hit the markets in 2018.

Considering the new Sony A7R III has 5 axis IBIS with 5.5 Stop and dual stabilization. The FE 200-600mm would be a great addition to the FE mount line.

The aperture of the product is unknown at the moment. For full frame mirrorless system, Sony has to build something better faster than the f/6.3. Because there are already good glasses in this range.

We think the aperture between f/4.5-5.6 fits well for this beast just like the FE 100-400mm. Let’s talk a little more about this Sony FE 200-600mm lens.

Sony Working on a FE 200-600mm Lens

After the announcement of Sony A7RIIIFE 24-105mm f/4 G and the development of FE 400mm f/2.8 GM, the company is rumored to working on a FE 200-600mm lens.

Sony FE 200-600mm Lens is in the Works

The Sony FE 200-600mm lens is expected to be a compact super telephoto zoom for birding, wildlife, motorsports, events and more. Designed for use with full-frame image sensors, the upcoming lens is also compatible with APS-c sensors where it will provide a 300-750mm equivalent focal length range.

This optic will sure compete several telephoto-zoom lenses especially target the enthusiasts who use the Tamron and Sigma 150-600 offerings. On the other hand we think that the Sony FE 200-600mm lens has to be at least as good as the Nikon 200-500 optically.

As a last word, let’s share our price expectation for the Sony FE 200-600mm lens. When we look at the competition in the market, we think that this telephoto zoom lens will be priced in a band between $1,500 and $2,000. Our estimate is that the Sony FE 200-600mm lens price to be at $1,999 if it comes with f/4.5-5.6 aperture. Of course, the aperture range will be decisive for the price.

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