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Nikon D5s Rumored to be Announced at CES 2018

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Nikon might update its flagship FX-format digital SLR camera in the beginning of 2018 in the name of Nikon D5s. 

As you know, the CES event is opening its doors in the beginning of January every year. According to recent reports, the Nikon D5 successsor camera would be the Nikon D5s and is expected to be announced at this event.

As a side note, Nikon has been introducing their new flagship FX-format model in every two years during the CES show in early January. That’s why the rumors about a possible D5 replacement DSLR, the new Nikon D5s, are beginning to circulate on the web.

Nikon D5s Rumored to be Announced at CES 2018 event

Consumer Electronics show opens its doors to visitors in Las Vegas on January 6, therefore the official product launch event will most likely take place on January 5.

Nikon D5s Rumored to be Announced at CES 2018

There are no detailed specifications of the upcoming Nikon D5s. We have to say that the company might skip this model or announce it for the Winter Olympics in Feb 2018. In both ways there won’t be any radical changes in the new DSLR just like the D4 to D4s before.

To speculate, we can easily say the Nikon D5s specs will include a slightly more advanced sensor and snapbridge technology. In this case, we can foresee that the continuous shooting speed of 12 fps will be slightly lower.

Anyway take it with grain of salt and stay tuned with us for more information.

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