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Nikon Distortion Control Data Version 2.016 released

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Nikon has released updated lens Distortion Control Data version 2.016 L firmware update for a number of DSLR cameras.

Nikon also fixed the issue that sometimes rendered the Auto distortion control option in the camera menus unavailable when distortion control data version L 2.013 was used with the D7200.

Distortion control data are used to correct barrel and pincushion distortion during shooting and editing. They can be loaded into cameras that support distortion control.

Nikon Distortion Control Data Version 2.016

When distortion control is applied to an image either in-camera or through software it corrects barrel or pin cushion distortion that occurs in images due to the characteristics of specific lenses.

The following cameras support distortion control lens data version 2.000 from the firmware versions shown. Check the camera firmware version before updating.

Checking the Version of the Distortion Control Lens Data Currently Installed

  1. Turn the camera on.
  2. Press the camera MENU button and select Firmware version in the SETUP MENU to display the camera firmware version.
  3. Check the distortion control lens data version (“L” or “LD”).
  4. Turn the camera off.

Compatible Cameras

Camera Supported from firmware version
D5 C:1.00
D4S C:1.00
D4 A:1.10, B:1.10
D810A C:1.00
D810 C:1.00
D800E A:1.10, B:1.10
D800 A:1.10, B:1.10
Df C:1.00
D750 C:1.00
D610 C:1.01
D600 C:1.02
D500 C:1.00
D7500 C:1.00
D7200 C:1.00
D7100 C:1.02
D7000 A:1.04, B:1.05
D5600 C:1.00
D5500 C:1.00
D5300 C:1.00
D5200 C:1.02
D3400 C:1.00
D3300 C:1.00
D3200 C:1.03
D90 A:1.00, B:1.01

IMPORTANT: Before loading distortion control data, update the camera firmware to a version that supports distortion control data version 2.000 or later.

Nikon Distortion Control Data firmware update 2.016 can be downloaded from the link below and also the list of all supported lenses.

Download Nikon Distortion Control Data Version 2.016