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Canon PowerShot G5 X Camera “Highly Recommended” at ePhotozine

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The Canon PowerShot G5 X digital compact camera is “Highly Recommend” from ePhotozine.

Their full review of the new Canon PowerShot G5 X includes features, handling, performance of the camera with several sample and ISO test images.

ePhotozine recommends the new PowerShot G5 X compact shooter and says “The Canon Powershot G5 X offers excellent image quality thanks to a combination of a large sensor, high quality lens and Canon image processing.

What’s new on the new Canon Powershot G5 X and Powershot G9 X cameras and is is worth to buy these models. You can watch the hands-on videos and find out the answers. See the official announcementG9 X vs RX100 IV comparisonG5 X vs G9 X comparison and G5 X vs G7 X comparison.

Canon PowerShot G5 X Camera “Highly Recommended” at ePhotozine


From ePhotozine’s conclusion:

With a solid metal body and good handling the camera has the look of a mini Digital SLR, the camera has a number of advanced features which is to be expected of a serious compact camera, including full manual controls, raw shooting, and a flash hot-shoe. With a number of control rings (two on the front, and one on the back), and a dedicated exposure compensation dial, the camera is also easy to use, letting you quickly and easily change settings. You can also customise a number of controls, as well as what options are displayed when you use the Q (Quick) menu button. The camera can also be controlled using the touch-screen, however unlike the G9 X, there are still a number of external controls meaning you can use either the screen or the buttons.

Canon PowerShot G5 X and G9 X Price

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