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Fujifilm X-S2 Coming with 1″ Sensor

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Fuji is rumored to announce a new bridge camera with a large 1″ sensor instead of 2/3″ CMOS sensor which will possibly be the Fujifilm X-S2.

According to latest rumors started from dpreview forum, Fujifilm is working on a new bridge camera which could be a replacement to the original Fujifilm X-S1.

The current X-S1 model features 12MP image sensor with 24-624mm (Equivalent) 26x Zoom lens, EVF and 3.0″ Tilt LCD Screen, 1080p HD Movie Recording.

Fujifilm X-S2 Coming with 1″ Sensor

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From Dpreview forum member :

I have been eyeing/following the X-S1 and HS59EXR for a while and am about to purchase one of them so I call Fuji about a UV filter on their site and I have it from a reliable source that a new bridge camera is on the horizon with a 1″ sensor like the Pany FZ1000 […] 

The guy at Fuji is telling me that it should be around $600-800 in price and even though rumors have been circulating he to  […] 

If the speculated Fuji bridge camera a Fujifilm X-S2 model than the price range expected to be around $600 – $ 800.

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