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New Version of Nikon Image Space App Now Available

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Nikon has launched a new version of their Nikon Image Space app for Android and iOS devices.

NIKON IMAGE SPACE is a free application for Nikon’s photo sharing service, brings your photos even closer to you and increases your enjoyment of the pictures you’ve taken.

The app is the result of persistent sophistication of three simple functions–reviewing, organizing and sharing. It delivers greater convenience, more comfort and enhanced smartness to the photo lives of all photo lovers.


Nikon Image Space App New Features

A flat design and simple operations that improve photos 

The design and the user interface have been revamped so that users can better enjoy viewing photos than ever before. A flat design and intuitive operations have been introduced to improve photos.

Three views make it easier to browse and search your photos

The software provides three different types of thumbnail views to help you find your favorites while comfortably viewing photos.

Grid View: Allows you to view all stored photos at a glance. Recommended when browsing many photos at one time.

Flow View: Just flick up or down to view photos as if they were flowing. Good for viewing photos sequentially.

Map View: The locations where the photos were taken are indicated on a map together with the photos. It is helpful for browsing your photos by places where the photos were taken.

Photos and albums, and the people they’ve been shared with are now clear at a glance.

The app now displays whom each photo or album has been shared with. It is also easy to cancel sharing.

Photos in a smart device are accessible without signup

You can now instantly view photos stored on a smart device without signing up or logging in to “NIKON IMAGE SPACE.”

On a tablet, two photos are displayed side by side for comparison

The app now takes advantage of the tablet screen size and displays two photos side-by-side for comparison. It helps you choose the best photo from among continuous shooting results.

Nikon Image Space app is available on the App Store and on Google Play.

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