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Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera Reviews

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Canon has announced the EOS M3 camera back in February, 2015 in Europe and Asia only. First full in-depth reviews for the Canon EOS M3 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera available online from photography sites.

The EOS M3 is highly recommended at ePhotozine and they say “The Canon EOS M3 delivers very good image quality and has a quick focusing system.

Along with their review PhotographyBlog also posted a gallery of 47 sample JPEG photos taken with the Canon EOS M3 camera. See conclusions below.

Canon EOS M3 Reviews Roundup


From ePhotozine conclusion :

As a camera (and if you ignore the lack of native lenses) the Canon EOS M3 deliver high image quality, with good noise performance up to and including ISO6400, and the camera has siginificantly improved focus performance, making it almost as quick as other mirrorless cameras, and quicker than some. Images have excellent colour and exposure, and look good on the tilting 3 inch touch-screen. For a Canon user with a number of EF lenses, then the EOS M3 would make an excellent companion to another DSLR, letting you use your favourite lenses with a smaller camera body. However, the EOS M3 will look much more apealling, if and when the price comes down to a level more in line with the competition.

From PhotographyBlog review :

Having said that, the EOS M3 is still a good camera, and if you already have a number of EOS lenses, it’s a logical choice if you want to reduced the size of the overall system. With the addition of a much faster AF system, control and exposure compensation dials, bigger handgrip and a tilting LCD screen, more experienced photographers will find much to like. It really does need an integrated viewfinder, though – the days of buying an expensive EVF that takes up the flash hotshoe are long gone when all of the EOS M3’s principal rivals have one built-in, in a similar body size and at the same price-point. In terms of image quality, the EOS M3 happily fits the bill, with the new 24.2 megapixel sensor delivering very pleasing images throughout the ISO range.

The EOS M3 camera comes with 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor, Hybrid CMOS AF III AF system and an articulated 3.2-inch LCD capable of flipping up by 180 degrees and fetaures a more pronounced grip, a new DIGIC 6 processor, an exposure compensation dial on the top plate, Wi-Fi with NFC, 1080/30p video recording, a hotshoe for optional viewfinder accessory and a built-in pop-up flash.

The Canon EOS M3 will not be available in the US, only in EU and Asia markets. The mirrorless shooter is available with a price tag for £599.99/€769.99. (check prices on eBay)