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Google Introduce Unlimited Photo Hosting, New Photos App

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Google has announced its new Photos app – a standalone service that separates the photo component of its Google Plus app.

The free service incorporates a standalone app for both Android and iOS, a web-based interface, unlimited photo-video hosting, automated syncing and backups. The original resolution is maintained for up to 16 megapixels for photos and 1080p for movies, and your works are automatically organised by people, places and other parameters.

The new Google Photos Assistant creates animations, collages and videos from your still images. Pictures, movies and entire photo sets can be shared easily via social networks.


Google rolls out standalone Photos app with unlimited free storage

Taking advantage of the unlimited storage option means that files greater than 16MP will be downsized and saved at 16MP. For those looking to save higher resolution images, the app offers an ‘Original’ storage configuration that will maintain original files without compression, but will count it toward the 15GB of free storage associated with the user’s Google account.

The Photos App is available now for Android and iOS.

Introducing the new Google Photos

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