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Leica M Monochrom Typ 246 To Be Announced Soon

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Leica Camera officially registered the name of the upcoming Leica M Monochrom Typ 246 at at the Radio Research Agency in South Korea.

This registration also means that the Leica M Monochrom Typ 246 camera will feature WiFi functionality. The Leica M Monochrom Typ 246 is most likely to be announced in 30-60 days period. No specs revealed for the Leica camera yet.

The Leica M Monochrom Typ 230 has been registered in May 2014, so the M Monochrom Typ 246 is another new model. This new Leica M Monochrom Typ 246 will replace the old Leica M Monochrom.

New Leica M Monochrom Typ 246 camera registered in Korea


  • Mutual: Leica Camera Korea
  • Equipment Name: Digital Camera
  • Model: M MONOCHROM (Tye 246)
  • Certification Number: MSIP-REI-LcK-M-MONO-TYP246
  • Manufacturer: LEICA Camera AG
  • Country: Germany
  • Certification Date: 2015-04-15

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