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Sony A9 50-megapixel Camera Coming in Late 2015

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Sony is allegedly working on a 50-megapixel camera to compete against the Canon 5DS and 5DS R. The long-rumored Sony A9 is expected to be announced in late 2015.

According to latest Sony rumors, a 50-megapixel Sony camera is in development (made by Sony) and even the name is not clear yet, so-called Sony A9 full frame mirrorless camera will not become official in the near future.

50-megapixel Sony A9 camera rumored before for April/May release but it looks like the Company will introduce only the Sony A7RII mirrorless shooter which will be the A7R succesor model.

Sony A9 To Be Announced in Late 2015


Sony A9 is the flagship full-frame mirrorless model which is rumored to feature a 50-megapixel image sensor. The big-megapixel camera will sure compete against the Canon’s 50MP Dslrs and the rumor mill already undeline that the Sony A9 50-megapixel camera will “easily outperform” the quality of the sensor found in the Canon 5DS and 5DS R.

So to wrap-up the Sony A9 PRO e-mount camera rumor, the 50MP mirrorless camera will not be announced in the next few weeks period but it’s definitely coming and become available in the market within the year 2015.

As expected we will possibly see the A7r successor (Sony A7RII) model right after the NAB 2015 show around mid-April.

via SonyAlphaRumors