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Atomos Releases Important Firmware Update for Shogun Recorder

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Atomos has released a major firmware update to the Atomos Shogun 4K external video recorder.

The new firmware AtomOS6.2 includes support for 3D LUTs that can be used to acquire flat images that provide flexibility in post production.

Users can upload either common LUTs ,such as CLog or SLog2, or their own custom tables, up to a total of 8. Additionally, for those not working in a ProRes environment, the new firmware adds 4K and HD recording using Avid DNxHR and DNxHD format, including support for 422 10-bit recording.

Other improvements include 4K to HD downscaling, allowing users to record internally on the Shogun in 4K while connecting to HD standard equipment, video playback preview, and larger audio meters for better visibility while recording. AtomOS6.2 firmware update can be downloaded from the Atomos website.


Atomos Shogun Adds Free Functionality for Filmmakers

The Atomos Shogun, already widely acclaimed as the industry’s premier 4K Monitor Recorder, gains a multitude of exciting new features available immediately as a free firmware update.

Melbourne, Australia – 19th March, 2015: In the space of only 3 months, the Atomos Shogun has quickly cemented itself as the indispensable tool for filmmakers. It is the only product on the market that combines a 4K ProRes 10-bit recorder, 1920 x 1200 high pixel density monitor, professional balanced XLR audio and seamless conversion between HDMI & HD-SDI workflows all housed within a lightweight, durable polycarbonate/ABS body. With AtomOS6.2 firmware released today, the impressive feature list continues to expand, with functionality improvements to enhance the recording, playback & monitoring capability.

The new features described in detail below, include 3D LUTs, DNxHR (4K) recording, DNxHD (HD) recording, 4K UHD to HD down scaling, file preview in the playback screen and a revamped Audio display interface.

“These FREE new features add thousands of dollars of value to the Shogun continuing our tradition of continuously evolving our hardware platform” said Jeromy Young CEO and co-founder of Atomos. “Shogun can now confidently stake its claim as the best 7-inch monitor on the market with the additional bonus of having the only native recording solution for Apple, Avid and Adobe workflows”.

AtomOS6.2 features in detail;

3D LUTs: LUTs (Look up tables) are widely used by professional cinematographers to capture a flatter image, leaving more scope for manipulation in post production. The LUT feature on Shogun is one of the best implementations of the feature on the market. Users can upload any LUT in the “.cube” format, either common LUTs such as SLog2, Slog3, CLog etc or their own user defined LUT, by simply loading it on the SSD and uploading up to 8 files in flash memory on the Shogun. Using the new monitor icon (added in the new AtomOS6.2), users can toggle between 8 LUTs for different effects, director’s can look for the LUT icon on screen to see if the visual they are seeing on the monitor has a LUT applied and unlike other monitors & monitor/recorders on the market the Shogun allows you to apply LUTs regardless of the Codec being used.

Avid DNxHR and Avid DNxHD: In an exclusive world first Atomos announce the implementation of Avid DNxHR 4K recording and DNxHD recording for HD. Just like our ProRes recording, the DNxHR/DNxHD is all recorded at 422 10-bit quality over HDMI or HD-SDI. The licence fee for using these Avid codecs is covered for free by Atomos with users simply needing to register their device at www.atomos.com/registration. This announcement now positions the Atomos Shogun as the only monitor/recorder with a solution for Apple, Avid and Adobe workflows.

4K to HD downscale: After listening to the voice of the user, Atomos have implemented a 4K UHD to HD downscale (in the same frame rate) on the HDMI loop out, SDI loop out and Playback. This means you can still work with your existing HD infrastructure (e.g. HD monitor, HD wireless transmitter, HD EVF etc) but record internally on the Shogun in 4K.

Playback preview: To make managing files on the Shogun easier for playback, a preview screen has been added behind the file name so that directors and DOP’s can collaborate quickly, getting straight to the scene and take they want to review, if necessary zoom in 2:1 and check focus or exposure using the monitor tools, make a decision and move on.

Revamped Audio meters: One of the key features on Shogun, not seen in any product in its category is XLR balanced analog audio monitoring and recording complete with 48V phantom power for microphones. To make managing this on set easier we have added larger audio meters for easier visibility of ballistic levels.

These 5 flagship improvements can all be downloaded and updated for free for new and existing Shogun users by going direct to the support section of the Atomos website www.atomos.com/support