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Canon 1D X Mark II To Be Announced in 2016

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Canon is rumored to announce the EOS 1D X successor camera which could be named as the  in early 2016.

According to latest Canon Rumors, the company will not release a replacement to the flagship EOS 1D X DSLR camera until 2016.

Canon’s upcoming 1D X Mark II camera has been rumored before without the specs list. Now some sources says that the camera will feature a brand new image sensor and it will be powered by a DIGIC 7 image processor. More details after the break!

Canon 1D X Mark II Coming in 2016 with new sensor and DIGIC 7 processor


Canon is rumored to announce the 1D X Mark II in early 2016. The DSLR will replace the 1D X model above.

The rumor mill also mentions about the competition against the  DSLR. They say the development of the Canon 1D X Mark II announcement depends on the Nikon’s move on the D5 camera.

2016 will be a summer Olympics year, so we can expect a new flagship DSLR cameras from both companies. For now the Canon 1D X Mark II expected to arrive with the following specs.

Canon 1D X Mark II Rumored Specs

  • New Sensor
  • DIGIC 7 Image Processor
  • Global shutter mechanism
  • Announcement in 2016

The Canon EOS 1D X has been available for more than two years. The rumored high-end Canon 1D X Mark II DSLR to be announced in 2016 and feature a global shutter instead of a rolling shutter.

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