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Subal Announces Housing for Nikon D750

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SUBAL has unveiled a new underwater housing for the Nikon D750 digital SLR camera.

The new underwater housing solution for Nikon D750 dslr camera is rated for 80mt (standart version) depth  and weighes 2.49kg. SUBAL’s ND750 housing will be shipping in January 2015 with a price tag of USD 3,800 (without port).

The new housing provides access to all the D750’s formidable array of functions, features two fiber-optic connectors and two bulkheads (with optional Nikonos V, Ikelite and S6 connectors), and is compatible with an extensive range of accessories, including underwater lenses, dome and flat ports, and viewfinders (straight and angled). There’s also the option of connecting an external monitor.

Nikon D750 Underwater Housing : Subal ND750


SUBAL announces the release of the SUBAL ND750 professional underwater housing for Nikon D750 DSLR camera.

SUBAL world-renowned professional underwater housing manufacturer based in Austria, is proud to present the ND750 housing. The meticulously crafted ND750 expands the possibilities for professional photographers who demand the best possible performance and reliability in the most challenging environments. With its already known design, quality construction and ergonomic handling, the new ND750 SUBAL adds another SLR housing to his line.

Designed for the world’s most demanding photographers and multimedia professionals, especially those in the fields of underwater sports and nature photography as well as advanced amateur photographers.

A formidable evolution of the new D750 FX format D –SLR provides important upgrades in performance. The D750 features a new 24.3-megapixel, full-frame FX-format sensor without OLPF, designed to achieve exceptional resolution. The D750 gets the EXPEED 4 engine, promising improved image quality and metering, faster burst shooting. Because of the high ISO performance and the autofocus capability in low-light situations, hand-held shooting is made possible even in the dark. The compact, lightweight and slim body with a deep grip widens the field of usage. The tilting LCD monitor further expands the freedom of shooting angle to liberate photographers from previous limitations while giving them more freedom of photographic expression.

With SUBAL’s more than 40 years of expertise in housing design and manufacture, high-quality craftsmanship and ergonomic design are integral features of the new ND750. The handling and feel of SUBAL housings are mistakable, matched only by their peerless reliability and dependability.

The ND750 housing will be available in January 2015 at an MSRP of USD 3,800 (port not included).

European Craftsmanship

SUBAL incorporates decades of experience and technology, pushing the boundaries further in the underwater housing industry. The ND750 is designed for professional photographers who demand only the most robust and reliable equipment that performs faultlessly under the toughest conditions.

SUBAL understands that fractions of a second can make the difference when capturing the decisive moment, so excellent ergonomics and handling are paramount in every SUBAL housing. Combining exceptional innovation and design in the ND750, SUBAL have created the most ergonomic housing on the market for the Nikon D750 SLR camera.

Features and Control with Handling in Mind

Ease of operation and superior construction are fundamental components of SUBAL’s tradition and engineering DNA. SUBAL provides innovative solutions that achieve maximum user-friendliness and comfort while allowing easy servicing. As with every SUBAL housing, all the camera’s functions can be operated from the ND750: Power On-Off/Display Illumination, Shutter Release, Zoom (Manual Focus), Front and Rear Main Dial controls, Lens Release, Port lock system, Focus Mode Selector (M-S-C), Metering Mode Control, Movie Record Button, Mode Selector, AF- Lock, AF-On, Port Lock. The ND750 includes buttons for the following: Mode, Exposure Compensation, Bracketing, Flash Sync Mode, Lock, Metering Mode Control, Rec. Start/Stop, Playback, Delete, Menu, Thumbnail, Protect, OK, ISO, Quality, White Balance, Microphone, Multi Selector, Info, Live View, and AF Mode.

Designed with superb handling in mind, the ND750 provides photographers with access to all photo and video functions while holding the camera.

Technical Specifications 

The SUBAL ND750 housing is crafted from a solid block of high-grade seawater-resistant aluminum, which is anodized and put through a chemical hardening process. SUBAL is the only underwater housing manufacturer to use this patented, hard-coat anodizing method. A triple-layer powder coating is added, giving the housing an elegant finish and further protecting it from the environment. All shafts and screws are made of high-alloy chrome-nickel steel to extend operational lifetime. The advanced manufacturing process and use of high-grade materials ensure that your investment will last a lifetime. Like all SUBAL housing, the ND750 is equipped with the SUBAL Quick Lock closure system for maximum safety.


  • Designed for professional underwater use
  • Access to all camera and video functions
  • Two fiber-optic connectors and two bulkheads with optional Nikonos 5N, Ikelite and S6 connectors

Optional accessories for the ND750

  • Extensive line of high-quality SUBAL dome and flat ports
  • Gears for all major underwater lenses
  • Easy attachment of viewfinders: GS180°, WS45° and PS30° Prism Viewfinder
  • Full line of mounting accessories available: arms systems, strobes, adapters, mount balls

SUBAL Professional Standard Features

The SUBAL ND750  integrates years of accumulated experience with significant engineering breakthroughs.

  • The SUBAL Quick Lock System is a precise and robust locking system that eliminates accidental opening and has proven to be the most reliable on the market.
  • The new Port Lock System secures the extension ring (EXR) to the bayonet housing and provides the means to secure these components with ease.
  • The lens Release Latch allows for easy lens exchange without removing the camera from the housing.
  • A visual and audible warning Leak Alarm comes as standard on every SUBAL housing.
  • The SUBAL Special Saddle System for quick and precise positioning of the camera body inside the housing makes misalignment impossible.

Optional Viewfinder Options 

In addition to the standard viewfinder, SUBAL has developed various options to meet the demands of underwater photographers. The viewfinder is one of the most important elements for improving creativity in underwater imaging. All SUBAL viewfinders are manufactured from sea-grade aluminum with an anodized casing. High-quality, multi-coated optical glass ensures the highest resolution and optimum light transmission. A simple interchangeable system makes it possible for the user to fit, remove or change any of the SUBAL’s viewfinders whenever needed. The SUBAL GS180 straight viewfinder provides 150% magnification of the camera image. The eyepiece of the new WS45 viewfinder is at a comfortable 45° angle to the camera’s viewfinder.  With a magnification factor of 150%, the visible image is 2.5 times larger than the standard viewfinder. The WS45 also rotates 360° with click stops every 90° to suit different viewing angles and image orientation. This is especially helpful for macro shooting or for subjects on the seabed as well as those tricky under/over, half-and-half shots. SUBAL’s latest innovation is the new PS30 prism viewfinder. The viewfinder is specially designed for video recording and facilitates shooting on the seabed and under/over, half-and-half shots.


SUBAL Professional 30° Prism Viewfinder

Strobe Options

SUBAL provides two fiber-optic ports for accurate TTL control of strobes such as the Inon Z-240, Sea & Sea YS-D1 and Sea & Sea YS-01. Optional connectors are available on request for Nikonos V, Ikelite and S6 as well as a video connector for an external monitor.

Technical Information

Area Description
Housing Construction Machined from a single block of specially treated, high grade corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. Hardness treatment and three-layer powder paint coating applied.
Design Ergonomic placement of all the important controls provides convenient and comfortable handling of all camera functions.
TTL/Strobes Options/Flash  Monitor Dual Sea & Sea Fiber-Optic ports and optional 2pc 5pin, 6pin connectors or Ikelite connectors kit. Video output available on request for external monitor or external trigger.
Port Mount Type Bayonet 4 and 3 size available. All SUBAL dome and flat port options can be mounted except for size two ports. Port Lock Option
Dome Ports DP 100/4 (4”), SWB (6”) , DP FE (8”) and DP 230.
Viewfinder Options Standard viewfinder. Optional GS180, WS45  Viewfinder and 30° Prism
Leak Alarm Standard built in housing.
Display Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D)  220  X  202 X 124 mm (w/o port and handles)
Buoyancy Housing aprox 500 gr. Negative.
Depth Range 80 meters (standard version) and 120 meters (TEC version on request).
Color Options SUBAL standard color.
Weight 2,49  kg incl. handles (no ports or accessories included)
Controls Power On-Off, Display Illumination, Shutter Release, Zoom (Manual Focus), Front and Rear Main Dial, Lens Release, Focus Mode Selector (M-S-C), Metering Mode Control, Movie Record Button, Play Back, Mode Selector, AF-Lock, AF-On, Port Lock Option, Flash open/close. Push Buttons for: Mode, Exp. Compensation, Bracketing, Flash Sync Mode, Lock, Metering Mode Control, Record, Start/Stop, Playback, Delete, Menu, Thumbnail, Protect, OK, ISO, Quality, White Balance, Microphone, Multi Selector, Info, Live View, and AF Mode, Port Lock.

Lens Options 

SUBAL constantly evaluates new lenses as they arrive on the market and suggests the best options for underwater use. A SUBAL lens port chart for Nikon is available and will guide you through the optimal combination of ports and extension rings for each lens model. Contact your nearest SUBAL dealer for further assistance.

About Nikon D750

Nikon D750 features a newly designed 24.3 megapixel FX-format sensor, a 51-point AF system, a burst rate of up to 6.5 fps, ISO range of 100–12800, and Full HD movie recording at 1080/60p combined with a vari-angle LCD monitor. See the official announcementfirst look videossample images and users manual.

Nikon D750 Price and Availability

The Nikon D750 body-only price is for $2299.95. The D750 with the AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 VR lens price for $3,239.96.

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