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Fujifilm Large Sensor Camera in Development

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A new Fujifilm large sensor mirrorless camera is rumored to be in development.

A highly-trusted source on FR is claiming that Fuji has begun the development of a new camera with a bigger image sensor but the release date expected for 2016.

A Fujifilm full frame camera has been rumored for a long time. Now the company is rumored to be working on a large sensor mirrorless camera which could probably be a full frame model.

Latest XF Lenses Already Designed to Cover Bigger Sensor


The rumor post also says that the latest X-mount lenses already have been designed to cover larger image sensors. See below.

From FujiRumors post :

Fuji is working on a bigger sensor camera. The source would like to specify, that the release of this bigger sensor size camera is everything else but imminent (so don’t expect it to come anytime soon). We are just in the early stages of its development. But, always according to this source, Fujifilm is already paving the way for its arrival, since some of the recently announced/released Fujinon XF lenses are already designed to cover the bigger sensor.

We see many rumors about the Fujifilm full frame mirrorless camera model in the past. For this kind of camera we should wait for 2016 to arrive.

via FujiRumors