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Fujifilm X-Pro2 Delayed For a Brand New Sensor

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The rumor mill is in talks of a possible Fujifilm X-Pro2 delay. Fujifilm is delaying the launch of the X-Pro2 camera because of the new image sensor.

The Fujifilm X-Pro2 release date delayed, because the company is waiting for a brand new sensor for the mirrorless camera.

Sources have previously said that the X-Pro2 camera will be launched in early 2015. But it is very unlikely that the camera will be announced at the CES 2015 or the CP+ 2015.

Fujifilm X-Pro2 Release Date Delayed


The Fujifilm X-Pro2 mirrorless camera is said to come packed with the 24-megapixel sensor based on X-Trans technology and feature built-in Wi-Fi, a tilting display, a dual SD card slot.

Fujifilm X-Pro2 release date have been speculated for a long time. Even the previous rumors were correct when they were shared, everything can change quickly with Fujifilm.

So at the moment of this writing we know that the Fujifilm X-Pro2 will replace the X-Pro1 as the flagship X-mount camera and will use a brand new sensor technology. Our guess about the Fuji X-Pro2 is just slightly better in low-light and borrow the evf and focussing from the X-T1 shooter would be great.

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